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Generate Real-Time Responsive Images—Delivered at Maximum Speed

Slow page load times hurt your website. Visitors don’t have the patience to wait more than three seconds for your site to load.

Piio significantly improves the load time of your website by generating real-time responsive images and delivers them using lazy loading. Your visitors experience images optimized for their device that are instantly available as they scroll through your website.

Piio delivers your images through an ultra-fast CDN, that is up to 10X faster than the Amazon S3 regular storage solution. Faster page load times create more user engagement and boost your SEO.

What Makes Piio Different?

Piio is more than an image compressor. It recognizes what device and browser your visitors are using and delivers pixel-perfect for EACH visitor in real-time. Using proprietary technology and state-of-the-art lazy loading, all of your images are delivered at lightning speed.

Lazy loading further enhances your page load speeds by only loading the content that your visitors need. You reduce the bandwidth your site requires and improve the user experience for every website visitor.

Piio anticipates when to load content below the viewpoint of your visitors. Users of your site will always see the images right as they scroll down.

It’s like Piio reads the minds of your website users.

Why Choose Piio?

Piio makes it easy for you to improve the performance of your site and your user experience. Piio is perfect for your website because:

  • Setup is simple—plug and play
  • No need to change storage providers
  • No need to run batch processing scripts
  • No maintenance after integration
  • WebP format for Google Chrome support
  • MozJPEG for better quality and small filesizes
  • Piio delivers the most powerful image optimization technology available.

More Than Just Image Compression

There are more types of devices than ever before. If you are only using an image compressor, you will see some performance improvement, but your images will not be optimized for each visitor.

Mobile devices and browsers all different viewpoint sizes. Focusing only on image compression and resizing images is a losing game.

We want to make sure your site is loading fast and without compromising the user experience.

Our unique blend of image compression, responsive image optimization, and lazy loading makes sure that EVERY visitor has the same high-quality experience interacting with your website.

The Piio plugin makes your site smart enough to understand everything about your visitors.

How Much of a Performance Difference Can Piio Make on My Site?

You will notice a significant improvement in your site’s performance. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can perform a free image test here: https://app.piio.co/speedtest

Want to Make Piio Even Better?

If you are serious about your website’s performance, we recommend using WP Super Cache with Piio. WP Super Cache is one of the best cache plugins, and it’s fully compatible with Piio.

If you are using another cache plugin, send a message to our support team at [email protected] to check for compatibility.

Please contact our support team immediately at [email protected] if you find any issues with Piio.

How Do You Install Piio?

Before using Piio, you need to REGISTER HERE

You can download the Piio plugin from this page.

Please make sure to follow the instructions below to ensure the plugin is installed correctly.

Piio offers Freemium Plans. Learn more about our plans here: Piio Freemium Plans

What Does Piio Do?

Piio helps your website load faster by optimizing your images in real time and delivering them to your visitors at maximum speed.

Image optimization results in better image quality, faster load times, and more conversions.

Automatic Responsive Images Perfect for Optimizing Cross-Device Experiences

You don’t worry about multiple resolutions or mobile devices, Piio automatically loads the best image for each device. We learn from your HTML and deliver pixel perfect images, they don’t only load faster, but they’ll look better.

CDN Deliver

With worldwide reach, our CDN provides low latency and faster download times.

How is Piio Different Other Image Services?

Piio is the only image optimization service in the world that does not require any type of maintenance. Because Piio is installed in the frontend, it understands what’s going on in the HTML. It knows what device the person is using and automatically resizes the images on the fly without the need of changing your storage. Piio is the only Pixel Perfect service in the world.

Have More Questions?

You can read the complete FAQ here.


1 – Unzip the file contents in your wp-content/plugins folder or install the plugin directly on your Plugins page.
2 – Go to your Plugins administration page on your WordPress Admin.
3 – Search for “Piio Image Optimization” and click on Activate.
4 – Then click on the Piio Plugin button in your left menu.
5 – Enter the domain key and select the type of optimization you want to use, there are two modes:

– Advanced: will use the full set of features, but it might not be compatible with some slideshow plugins.

– Standard: if advanced mode doesn’t work for your WP installation.

The plugin doesn’t modify anything on your site, so it’s completely safe to turn it on and off for testing. If the Advanced Mode doesn’t work for you, try with the Standard Mode.

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