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Pie Register is a Registration Plugin for building user registration forms.
It has a drag and drop form builder, invitation-only registration, email templates, conditional logic, data import & export, role-based redirection, and payment gateways, and much more. Pie Register comes in free basic/community and premium versions.

Check out the full list of features below.

community version:

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
    Drag & Drop registration forms builder.

  • Responsive Mobile Friendly
    Pie Registration forms are 100% responsive, meaning they work on mobile, tablets & desktop.

  • Advanced Fields
    Advanced fields section provides fields you can use to create complex and detailed registration forms. Like:
    Address field allows the user to enter address details like street, city, state/province, zip code and Country.
    Profile picture field allows the user to upload a profile picture.
    Upload file field to allow users to upload files directly through a registration form.
    Time and Date Picker Field for allowing time and date selection on your registration form.
    Math Captcha field to avoid spam registrations.

  • Verify & Moderate Registrations
    Have the WordPress Administrator approve and moderate user registration requests before users log in.
    Set Grace Period – this is the amount of time within which the users must be verified by the admin and/or email address verification. User Ids that are not verified within the grace period are deleted automatically.
    Setup Email Address Change Verification. Authenticate request by sending an email to old address + verify new address.

  • Invitation only Registration
    Have an exclusive site? Let users register only when you send them an invitation code. Protect your site’s privacy and prevent unwanted registrations by easily set multiple codes and invite codes and limit usage.

  • Membership Fees
    Charge one-time membership fees to your site or blog using the integrated payment gateway.

  • Spam Protection (ReCaptcha)
    Apply extreme spam and bot prevention by using reCAPTCHA, Match CAPTCHA, No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA.

  • Restrict Access to Website Content
    Restrict access to content, pages, posts based on user roles or logged in status. Restriction types: Block content and show message OR Redirect user to another page or URL.

  • Custom Email Notification
    Control the message precisely to your liking. Use custom Email templates to say it like you want to. Use replacement keys/tags for user information on the email message.

  • Data Import/Export (user default Data only)
    You can Import and Export user and configuration data via CSV files.

  • PayPal Standard
    Use PayPal (standard) to process membership payments. Setup Payment Success/Failed, Reactivate Account, and Already Active Account messages.

  • File Upload
    The file upload field lets users upload documents, images, and videos. Receive files via email (one at a time). Admin can restrict file type pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, mp3, mp4.

  • Admin Helper App
    Mobile app to perform the frequent administrator tasks on the go.

Premium Version Features:

  • Unlimited Numbers of Registration forms
    Create an unlimited number of forms, track how many users register through a form.

  • Verify & Moderate Registrations
    Setup user verification by Admin Approval AND Verify Email Address.

  • Invitation only Registration
    Have an exclusive site? Let users register only when you send them an invitation code through email, auto-generate codes and set expiry date

  • Conditional Logic
    Show or hide fields and forms based on user input. Use conditional logic to build advanced registration flows.

  • Timed form submission
    Prevent bots with event timed submission.

  • Customizable Login Security
    Throw CAPTCHA based on the number of unsuccessful login attempts. Block IP addresses automatically based on security settings.

  • Data Import/Export (user and settings)
    Import and Export user and configuration data using JSON for when you need to quickly duplicate or move your existing WordPress user or configuration data.

  • User Roles
    Create and name custom user roles. Inherit permissions from WP User roles. Add user role dropdown in registration form

  • Role based redirection
    Use rules for Role-Based Redirection to land users on pages of your choice based on user role.

  • User Control
    Block unwanted users by username, email and IP address. Allow users by username, email.

  • Built-in Form Themes
    Change the default forms UI and apply the built-in form themes according to your website UI.

  • Restrict Widgets
    Set visibility of widgets for specific user roles and current log-in status.

  • Content Restriction
    Restrict access to website pages or posts based on user role or current log-in status.

  • File Upload
    Admin can now restrict the file size, view uploaded files in the admin dashboard and download files in bulk.

  • Ticket based support
    Use our ticketing system to get premium support directly from the Pie Register Support and Development team.

Upgrade to WordPress Registration Plugin Premium Version


Stripe (Payment Gateway)
Use Stripe addon to process membership payments using Pie Register.

Authroize.net (Payment Gateway )
Use Authorize.net addon to process membership payments using Pie Register.

Social Login
Let users log in via their Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo and WordPress accounts.

Use admin UI to export site users into MailChimp lists to send communication, sales, and marketing emails.

Twilio Two-step Authentication (SMS)
Have a super secure site? No Problem. With Pie Register and TWILIO, you can use SMS (texting) to add another security layer by having users verify registration via SMS/Text message sent to their cell phone. Optionally, notify admin when new users register.

Profile Search
With the Profile Search tool, admin can provide users the feature to search or filter to display user data. User information displayed in search results can be limited based on the admin’s choice.

Geo Location
Collect User Geolocation data. Provides information like Country, City, Zip Code, Latitude/Longitude and location map for registered users.

Bulk Email
Send email in bulk to all the registered users at once. Admin can select the form name, and all the users registered through that form will be in the recipients list.

Field visibility Addon
Allows you to show or hide certain fields on the front-end registration form or the User’s Profile page.

WooCommerce Addon
Add fields for billing and shipping address to your Pie Register registration form and synchronize them with the WordPress WooCommerce plugin.


Visit the documentation page
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuLxfC2jcyAS5ns4ZT_7jcQ


Here are some basic form shortcodes that you can embed:

  • For login form use: [pie_register_login]
  • For Registration form use: [pie_register_form]
  • For forgot password form use: [pie_register_forgot_password]
  • For profile page use: [pie_register_profile]

Helpful Links:

Community forum: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/pie-register/
Blog: https://pieregister.com/blog/
Contact Us: https://pieregister.com/contact-us/


  • For support visit Pie Register forum.


  1. Upload the pie-register directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Set the options in the Settings Panel.

Plugin author

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If you encounter problems in using the Pie Register – User Registration Forms. Invitation based registrations, Custom Login, Payments plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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