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Photo Video Store WordPress plugin allows you to sell photos, images, artworks, audio, videos, vector illustrations and prints online.

Core features:

  • Sell digital files: Photo, Video, Audio, Vector illustration, Zip, Pdf, any formats;
  • Sell prints: Canvas, Framed, Metal, Acrylic, Posters, iPhone Cases, T-Shirts;
  • Photographers: Upload images and sell them for commission;
  • Prints lab: Upload own photos and order prints;
  • Affiliates: Promote online store and get commissions for sales;
  • Royalty-free files: Sell files without the need to pay royalties fees for each use;
  • Rights-managed files: License which allows the one-time use of file as specified by the license;
  • Stock API: Search in Shutterstock, Istockphoto, Fotolia, Depositphotos, 123RF, Bigstockphoto, Pixabay;
  • Image recognition: Recognize keywords automatically by Clarifai and Imagga;
  • Print services: Produce high-quality prints by Pwinty, Fotomoto, Printful;
  • 60+ payments system: Paypal, Stripe and others;
  • Instant Download: Purchased digital files is available for instant downloading;
  • Subscription: Create a paid subscription plan for downloading media files;
  • Credits: Use internal prepaid currency on your stock site;
  • Coupons: Create discount codes for buyers and promote stock;
  • Remote storage: Store static media files in the clouds: Amazon S3, Rackspace, Backblaze B2;
  • GEO location: Put your photos on Google map in clusters;
  • Private galleries: Password protected categories for clients;
  • Collections: Group stock files in media collections and sell them together;
  • Lightboxes: Organize a favorite list and add files in shopping cart;
  • Watermark: Protect photo, video and audio by watermark;
  • FFMPEG and Sox: Create previews for video and audio files;
  • Taxes and Shipping: Run your own online store and set tax and shipping rates;
  • EU VAT Compliance: Configure VAT taxes rates for EU citizens;
  • QAuth: Sign in by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Yandex, Vk;
  • Support: Tickets systems for supporting clients;
  • Community tools: Messages, testimonials, comments, friends, contacts.


Server Requirements

  1. Linux hosting;
  2. Apache or Nginx Web Server;
  3. PHP 5.6 or higher (PHP 7);
  4. MySQL database;
  5. WordPress version 4.5.0 and more;
  6. php GD module;
  7. php EXIF module;
  8. php CURL module;
  9. Domain or Subdomain Name.

Optional libraries

  • ImageMagick – for the photo convertation instead of php GD module;
  • FFMPEG – for the video preview generation and watermark;
  • SoX – Sound eXchange – for audio “watermark”.


Photo Video Store is now installed and ready to be configurated.

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