Payment Gateway for IDBANK | HK Digital Agency LLC | payment system

Payment Gateway for IDBANK | HK Digital Agency LLC | payment system


Payment Gateway for IDBANK – an add-on to the international Woocomerce application, which creates an opportunity to easily integrate the IDE BANK payment system into the website.


The appendix is ​​intended for economic entities operating in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

The application is made in accordance with the technical specifications of the Woocomerce platform, as well as the technical specifications of the system provided by IDE BANK.

Before using the application, it is necessary to make an identification, then – to contact AIDI BANK to sign a relevant agreement, to receive settings.

Phone number: 010 59 33 33
E-mail: [email protected]

The payment process through the add-on is fully automated.
The application has the opportunity to accept payments in AMD, Russian rubles, US dollars and euros.


Identification is required before using the additive (see ․ Figure ․ 1). To get identification you need to visit our company website ( or call 033 779 -779.

Note: the identification service is paid.

Job Description:

After the integration of the application, after the relevant settings, the button for the possibility of payment of the ID ID BANK payment system appears on the website. The customer chooses the method of payment, then the website directs him / her to the field intended for accepting IDS BANK payment system payments, returning the customer to the user’s website after making a payment or failure, informing him / her about the payment status. In the control panel of his website, as well as in the payment system provided by ID ID BANK, the user can view the status of the transactions made, get acquainted with the history.

Terms of use of the application:
– The user must have a website made with WordPress
– The site must be integrated Woocomerce platform
– The site must meet the minimum requirements of the application
– Internal links on the site must be placed correctly

Attachment features (see Figure 2)
: 1. the user is given the opportunity to edit the “title” and “description” fields
2. The application has passed the testing and is compatible with the popular WPML Translation app, which creates an opportunity to use this add multilingual sites case
3: Setting the panel is given the chance to choose the payment page language (Armenian, Russian or english)
4. in addition to the test (for details necessary to communicate with the bank IDEA)
5. Technical logavorman to
6. Automatically update enabled *


Application integration can be done in the following ways:

Option 1 (FTP)

  1. Download Payment-Gateway-for-idbank.zipthe /wp-content/plugins/area
  2. Activate the “Plugins” section of the WordPress control panel
  3. Make the appropriate settings և enter the information provided by IDE BANK

Option 2:

1․ In the WordPress control panel, go to the “Plugins” section.
2․Click the “Add new plugin” button և download the Payment-Gateway-for-idbank.zipfile.
3. Make the appropriate settings և enter the information provided by IDE BANK.


Appendix պարունակ Content contained therein is copyrighted.

It is prohibited to distribute, illustrate, adapt,
modify, or otherwise use the logos of the emblems of the posted organizations, unless otherwise authorized by EJZA DIGITAL AGENCY LLC.
The application is provided to the user with the right of paid use. You can get information about the cost of the supplement on our organization’s website ( or call 033 779-779.

EJKA DIGITAL AGENCY LLC is not responsible
– for other applications, add-ons, platforms
– services provided by organizations – for the partial or complete failure of the application due to technical problems caused by the WordPress platform, other applications or a second organization
– the user’s website for security.

Plugin author

HK Digital Agency LLC

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the Payment Gateway for IDBANK plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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