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WordPress Project Management and Client Dashboard Plugin

With Project Panorama you’ll love project management!

Streamline your process with this innovative, easy to use client dashboard and project management plugin.

Most project management solutions are designed to delegate tasks, while useful they overlook a critical component of project management – clarity. The most effective way to manage projects is to ensure everyone has a clear picture of what needs to be done, what has been done and what will happen next.

…[Project Panorama] transformed the way we run our projects and standardized our process as a web design company

Project Panorama visualizes the project process allowing your clients and team to get a clear picture of the project status in an instant. Team members and clients get their own custom dashboard giving them an overview of the projects they have access to and how close they are to completion. By giving parties a visual indication of project progress, you reduce the number of “where are things at?” calls and e-mails.

Panorama allows you to detail important project details including overall project status, project phases, project tasks, documents / document status, key milestones and timing.

To save time and effort, panorama automatically calculates time elapsed and project completion based on task completion. You’ll know the exact project status and if you’re ahead or behind.

Instead of sending clients to a list of tasks that have been completed or not, give them a progress bar with key milestones that indicate how the project is progressing.


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  1. Upload ‘project-panorama-lite’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the new menu item “Projects” and create your first project
  4. Projects have progress bar, phases, milestones, start / end date, documents and descriptions

Restricting Access

You can restrict access to projects by making them private or password protected by changing the project visibility in the publish metabox.

Using Your Own Theme

Panorama by default has it’s own project page theme, this is ensure the best rendering and design across all themes. If you’d rather use your own theme, you can go into Projects > Settings > Appearance and click the “use custom template” option. We recommend using a full width template for best display. Not all themes will render the complex visuals in Panorama equally.


[project_list] – output a list of public projects, options include:

type — specify the slug of a project type defined in Projects > Project Types
status — ‘active’ or ‘complete’ to display completed or active projects
count — number to display before pagination
sort – ‘start’,’end’,’title’. Sort by start date, end date or alphabetically by title. Default is creation date.

[project_status] – embed a project into a page or post

[project_status_part] – embed a portion of a project into a page or post

[before-phase] [/before-phase] – Show content wrapped in shortcode in a phase description before the phase has started.
[during-phase] [/during-phase] – Show content wrapped in shortcode in a phase description after it has started before it has been completed.
[after-phase] [/after-phase] – Show content wrapped in shortcode in a phase description after the phase has ended.

[before-milestone] [/before-milestone] – Show content wrapped in shortcode before milestone is reached
[after-milestone] [/after-milestone] – Show content wrapped in a shortcode after milestone is reached

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