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The plugin is an improved version of the “Cloudflare Page Cache” plugin. The plugin does not cache pages for logged-in users by default. You can disable caching for some URLs and for users with certain cookies (use the constants BYPASS_COOKIES_EXTRA and NON_CACHEABLE_URLS_EXTRA for the settings).
For the plugin to work, you need to have a Cloudflare account with special settings. To purge the cache by the button, you need to set Cloudflare API settings in the plugin (CF_EMAIL – From, CF_API_KEY – Global API Key from, CF_ACCOUNT_ID, CF_NAMESPACE_ID).
In the Сloudflare account, you need to create a worker, for details go The plugin can preload cache on Cloudflare.


You can install the plugin from the WordPress Dashboard:
– Visit “Plugins” → Add New;
– Search for “Page Cache on Cloudflare”
– Download and activate the plugin
– Set Cloudflare API settings CF_EMAIL, CF_API_KEY, CF_ACCOUNT_ID, CF_NAMESPACE_ID. Use environment variables or edit the file inc/cf-page-cache.php.
– Set the constans BYPASS_COOKIES_EXTRA (eg “wp-|wordpress”) and NON_CACHEABLE_URLS_EXTRA (eg “/dist/|/go/|/tours”) if you need. Use environment variables or edit the file inc/cf-page-cache.php.
– To manage preload cache use environment variables or edit the file inc/cfpc-class-preload-cache.php. If you need disable preload cache then set variable CF_IS_PRELOAD_CACHE as false and deactivate-activate plugin. To define how many page per minute will be cached use variable CF_PRELOAD_CACHE_PAGE_PER_MINUTE (by default 50 pages per minute).

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If you encounter problems in using the Page Cache on Cloudflare plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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