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Optenhanse provides a set of expert users essential tools, perfect for SEO, performance and safety, for improving your WordPress website, so that you can just use a light as a feather single plugin instead of a tons of heavy plugins.

Optenhanse is a very lightweight plugin and it has been carefully designed to give the best performances with no extra load for your site.

A unique plugin to optimize, enhance and secure your WordPress website that allows you to:


  • Automatic Meta Attachment: automatically fills in “description”, “caption” and “alt title” every time you upload a media file
  • Automatic Sitemap: creates a virtual sitemap.xml with a complete and updated list of pages, posts and public post types and adds sitemap.xml link to the WordPress virtual robots.txt
  • Description Meta Tag: adds a description field to pages and posts editor and add a description meta tag to HTML code
  • Social Media Sharing: adds Facebook Opengraph and Twitter Card to your code, for a perfect social sharing
  • Minify HTML Code: minifies HTML code on the fly, safely and instantly
  • Browser cache: writes cache rules to htaccess, for Apache mod_headers and mod_expires cache


  • Image Resize and Compression: resizes every image you will upload and compresses each JPEG image, so that you don’t have to worry no more about images dimension
  • Mail Through SMTP: Prevents your website mail messages to be directed into spam or junk mail, sending them through your SMTP or localhost
  • Deactivate Block Editor (Gutenberg): disables WordPress Block Editor also known as Gutenberg and restore classic editor
  • Splash Page: hides your website to not logged users and displays a unique cover image or the content of a draft page, with no header and footer
  • Custom 404 Page: redirects dead links to a custom page


  • Login Attempts Monitor: checks login attempts and blocks (temporarily o perpetually) failed login attempts exceeding the limits defined
  • Disable XML-RPC: disables XML-RPC protocol to prevent brute force attacks
  • Disable Author Page: hides author archive page and hides user info via API REST, so that none can know author name by his ID
  • Custom Login Errors: displays custom login errors instead of WordPress default
  • Security Notification: notifies site owner on successful login, on change role, on user delete, on user register or on user lock down

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well


  • English: default language
  • Italian: entirely translated

Additional Info

PRO version available at Optenhanse.com



Manual Installation

  • Download Optenhanse from https://wordpress.org/plugins/optenhanse
  • Into your WordPress plugin section, press “Add New” then press “Load Plugin”
  • Choose Optenhanse.zip file from your local download folder
  • Press “Install Now”
  • Activate Optenhanse
  • Enjoy!

Installation From Plugin Repository

  • Into your WordPress plugin section, press “Add New”
  • Use “Optenhanse” as search term
  • Click on Install Now on Optenhanse into result page, then click on Activate

Plugin author

Christian Gatti

Plugin official website address

If you encounter problems in using the Optenhanse plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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