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This plugin clears OPcache after updating WordPress core, themes and files.
Unlike other plugins, it is also compatible with theme and plugin updates made by WordPress Linux cron.


  • Important: To use this plugin, check the following.

    1. PHP 5.5 or later, Did you compile PHP with –enable-opcache option?
    2. PHP 5.4 or earlier, Did you installed PECL ZendOpcache?
    3. If not, please see this document and enable/install OPcache.
    4. The cachetool utility must be configured in order for OPCache to be cleared by this plugin. It must be in your PATH and named cachetool.
Maybe because the installation process is relatively simple, the official website does not write a detailed installation process for the time being. If you encounter problems installing this plugin, you can solve it through search engines or comment below, I will try to help you solve it

Plugin author

Danila Vershinin

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If you encounter problems in using the OPcache Reset plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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