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Make your customers well-engaged with OneClick Chat to Order

Formerly “OneClick WhatsApp Order”, OneClick Chat to Order will make it easier for your customers to order your products directly through WhatsApp with a single click on a single product page or a floating button. Make them well-engaged and fasten the purchase process. Increase your sales!

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The Features You’ll Love:

  • NEW!: Options to set button text and custom message for individual product, including option to individually hide / show WhatsApp button on single product page
  • NEW!: Options to individually hide button on shop loop, cart, and thank you page on mobile and desktop
  • NEW!: Option to include source page URL in the message when the floating button is clicked
  • NEW!: Option to include product variation on Cart page (only one variation from each product)
  • NEW!: Option to include coupon code in the Checkout put (that will include coupon code details in the message)
  • NEW! Option to Override Thank You Page Title: Override Thank You page title and add a WhatsApp button to send complete order details via WhatsApp for faster response.
  • NEW! Option to Show Button on Cart page: Make it possible to complete the order via WhatsApp for faster checkout.
  • NEW! Option to Show Button on Shop page: Order via WhatsApp using a button directly on Shop page product loop.
  • NEW! Options to hide button both on Desktop and Mobile respectively
  • NEW! Options to change labels for product details in sent message
  • NEW! Converted customer’s number into clickable WhatsApp link on Order Details page (admin Dashboard)
  • Option to Show Button Only on Mobile: Or enable on all types of devices.
  • Custom Message: Set pre-filled custom message to greet you on WhatsApp.
  • Product Details: Set pre-filled product details such as product title + price + product URL.
  • Custom Text on Button: Customize the text on Chat to Order button and make it yours.
  • Hide Price on Product Page: Option to hide price on every product page.
  • Hide Add to Cart Button on Product Page: Option to hide Add to Cart button on product page to let Chat to Order button stand out.
  • Display Floating Button: Option to display a floating Chat to Order button.
  • Customize Floating Button Position: Whether left or right, it’s yours to decide.
  • Custom Message for Floating Button: Set pre-filled custom message specially made for floating button.
  • Floating Button Display Option: Show or hide floating button on mobile.
  • Shortcode Generator: You can generate your own shortcode and display the button anywhere on your site, easily!
  • GDPR-Ready: Enable GDPR notice and make the button unclickable until the Privacey Policy page is read and agreed.
  • More to come!

For more info, please refer to this page.

Watch the Complete Overview and Tutorial

It’s really easy to get started. Here’s the complete overview and tutorial:

Further Questions and Feature Requests?

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  1. Make sure your site has WooCommerce installed and activated.
  2. Install and activate this plugin via dashboard or file manager.
  3. Begin configurating this plugin through OneClick Chat to Order admin menu.
  4. Complete the configuration and you’re all set!

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