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This is by far the easiest, fastest, and most user-friendly way you will ever create fully configured sites on your multisite networks. The NS Cloner will take any existing site on your WordPress multisite network and clone it into a new site that is completely identical in theme & theme settings, plugins & plugin configurations, content, pictures, videos, and site settings.

Everything is preserved and intelligent replacements are made so that the new site settings reflect your choices for the name and title, and have automatic URL replacements and other background updates to make sure the new site works exactly the same way as if you had taken the time to set it all up manually.

Important: this plugin only works with WordPress Multisite (although the pro version works for single sites as well). You will find its menu in your network administration dashboard (wp-admin/network).

Typical Workflow for using the NS Cloner

  1. Set up 1 or more sites exactly the way you want your clones to start out.
  2. Go to your Network Dashboard > NS Cloner.
  3. Select the site you that want to clone, and enter the desired URL and title of the new site.
  4. Clone away with one click!

Yes, it really is that easy.

Primary Use Cases

  • Developers who host and manage multiple client sites in their own multisite environment – this will allow you to rapidly roll out new baseline sites with all your favorite standard plugins and configurations in place. No more tedious manual repetitive entry!
  • Designers who want to be able to create several versions of sites to test and play with different theme designs in parallel, without wasting time with unnecessary duplication.
  • Teams who want to have a quick way to set up staging sites for collaboration, or effortlessly duplicate content for regional versions of sites, etc.
  • Organizations which provide “member” sites and want to be able to reduce the site spin up time to almost nothing.
  • Affiliates that host numerous sites through multisite and are looking for a way to increase reach and decrease deployment times.


Core Features

  • Copies an entire site in seconds
  • Works in subdomain or subdirectory mode
  • Copies all widgets, menus, and theme and plugin settings
  • Copies all pages, posts, custom post types and taxonomies
  • Copies all uploaded media files and associated data
  • Works in the background to avoid timeouts or memory shortages on large sites
  • You can close your tab without interrupting cloning, or stay and watch the progress live
  • Advanced validation and preemptive issue detection
  • Robust process logging to help with troubleshooting
  • Hook-rich cloning pipeline for developers to extend
  • Translation ready

Pro Features

For even more powerful functionality, check out NS Cloner Pro. In addition to all the free core features, Pro includes:

  • Teleport (new) – remote cloning power: clone a subsite to a remote network, or even teleport an entire multisite network to a remote location.
  • Single Site (new) – gain the ability to clone standard single sites, not just multisite, and even clone between single and multisite or vice versa.
  • WP CLI Addon (new) – easily copy sites directly from the command line.
  • Search & Replace – perform unlimited, effortless custom search and replace on cloned content.
  • Table Manager – easily manage exactly which database tables are cloned.
  • Users Cloning – ability to clone all WordPress users and their permissions, or instantly create new users for cloned sites.
  • Presets – save commonly used cloning settings as shortcuts for even ore time savings.


  1. Log in to your WordPress network as a multisite super admin and go to /wp-admin/network
  2. Use the Dashboard > Plugins > Add New tools to install NS Cloner from the WordPress.org repository or install by uploading the zip file
  3. Network Activate the NS Cloner through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Access the NS Cloner from its main menu on the Network Dashboard (/wp-admin/network)

Standard Precautions and Notes

  • Unlike some other tools, NS Cloner supports cloning the root site (ID=1). When cloning the root site, the Cloner will automatically exclude all global network WordPress tables (like wp_blogs) as well as global tables for some common network plugins like BuddyPress. It’s impossible, though, for the Cloner to recognize every network-level table for every plugin out there, so it’s possible that some network-level plugin tables could be copied by the Cloner incorrectly, which could result in issues, depending on the plugin. The table manager add-on included in pro is perfect for unique scenarios where you need total table-level cloning control.
  • We always try to help (and you can see the proof of that in the plugin support forum here), but we cannot promise support to users for this free version, especially with issues resulting from non-standard environments.
  • We have used the NS Cloner on production systems for years without issues. That doesn’t mean your scenario won’t find some new condition that could cause you some headaches. Unlikely, but always possible. We recommend getting familiar with it on a test system before you deploy it to a critical network.
  • And for the love – backup your data. This plugin operates at the database level to work its magic. We’ve run it hundreds of times on our own sites and client sites, and tested it thoroughly. It’s safe. But don’t take our word for it.

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