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This plugin was created with the iTunes Podcast Feed in mind. However, you can feed it any RSS feed you like. If you would like to display some tags which are not supported right now, please feel free to contact me.

Quick Start

Create a template “myfeeds” in Settings > Multi Feed Reader.
Add your Feeds.
Create a page and paste in one of these shortocdes:

[multi-feed-reader template="myfeeds"]
[multi-feed-reader template="myfeeds" limit="10"]
[multi-feed-reader template="myfeeds" cachetime="300"]

Enjoy 🙂


  • template: (required) name of the template
  • limit: (optional) maximum number of items per feed. default: 15
  • cachetime: (optional) time in seconds to cache results. default: 300
  • nocache: (optional) set to “1” to deactivate cache. not recommended, will make your multifeed-page very slow. default: 0

Force Cache Refresh

To clear the cache, call the site with parameter ?nocache=1. So if your site is, open in your browser. You should then see the refreshed page immediately.


You can specify a custom template to display the archive elements.
Go to Settings > Multi Feed Reader for plugin preferences.
Use HTML and any of the following template placeholders.

  • %TITLE% – Episode title (<title>).
  • %SUBTITLE% – Episode subtitle (<itunes:subtitle>).
  • %CONTENT% – Episode content (<content:encoded>).
  • %CONTENT|...% – Same as above but truncated to the given amount of words.
  • %DURATION% – Episode duration (<itunes:duration>).
  • %SUMMARY% – Episode summary (<itunes:summary>).
  • %LINK% – Episode link (<link>).
  • %GUID% – Episode Globally Unique Identifier (<guid>)
  • %DESCRIPTION% – Episode description (<itunes:description> or <description>).
  • %DESCRIPTION|...% – Same as above but truncated to the given amount of words.
  • %ENCLOSURE% – Url of first episode enclosure (<enclosure> url attribute).
  • %THUMBNAIL% – Thumbnail tag in original size (<itunes:image>).
  • %THUMBNAIL|...x...% – Same as above but with certain dimensions. Example: %THUMBNAIL|75x75%.
  • %DATE% – Episode publish date (<pubDate>) in WordPress default format.
  • %DATE|...% – Same as above but in a custom format. Example: %DATE|Y/m/d%.

Access data from app store feeds:

  • %APPNAME% – App name.
  • %APPPRICE% – App price.
  • %APPIMAGE% – App Icon as HTML image.
  • %APPARTIST% – App artist / publisher.
  • %APPRELEASE% – App release date in WordPress format.

Use these placeholders to access global feed data:

  • %FEEDTITLE% – Feed title (<title>).
  • %FEEDSUBTITLE% – Feed subtitle (<itunes:subtitle>).
  • %FEEDSUMMARY% – Feed summary (<itunes:summary>).
  • %FEEDLINK% – Feed link (<link>).
  • %FEEDLANGUAGE% – Feed language (<language>).
  • %FEEDTHUMBNAIL% – Feed image (<itunes:image>).
  • %FEEDTHUMBNAIL|...x...% – Same as above but with certain dimensions. Example: %FEEDTHUMBNAIL|75x75%.


  1. Upload the multi-feed-reader directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings > Multi Feed Reader and create a template
  4. Place [multi-feed-reader template="mytemplate"] in your post or page

Plugin author

Eric Teubert

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the Multi Feed Reader plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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