Mobile App Canvas Plugin – Convert your Website Into an App for iOS and Android

Mobile App Canvas Plugin – Convert your Website Into an App for iOS and Android | MobiLoud


MobiLoud’s Mobile App Canvas solution makes it easy to convert any WordPress site into a native mobile app, published to App Store and Google Play for you.

With MobiLoud we can turn your existing responsive or mobile website into native mobile apps, adding Push Notifications, Offline support, a native tab menu and more.

We can build a mobile app for you with your existing theme and plugins, including BuddyPress and WooCommerce. You can also use a different theme for your app or use CSS to modify your existing theme specifically when it’s used inside your app.

Got any questions or need any help? Email us at [email protected].

MobiLoud is a “done for you” app building service specifically designed for WordPress. It’s not just a plugin, it’s a complete service. MobiLoud’s team will take care of building, submitting and maintaining your mobile app for you. MobiLoud is a paid service (see the pricing plans) and includes not just a license, but a building, publishing and maintenance service.

The WordPress plugin (for MobiLoud customers)

This plugin allows you to easily select and customize a theme for your MobiLoud mobile app.

Use this plugin for the features below:
* Select any of your installed themes for your app
* Customize the theme as you need using the WordPress Customizer
* Adds support for user logins in your app
* Add custom CSS rules for your app

Got any questions or need any help? Email us at [email protected].

What do you get with MobiLoud?

With MobiLoud we turn your existing website (responsive or mobile optimized) into native mobile apps, adding Push Notifications, Offline support, a native menu and more.

It’s a service designed for site owners or developers who have already designed an app-like mobile web experience and want that translated into real native apps, with the addition of Push Notifications, improved navigation tools and other native app features.

When you work with MobiLoud you get a team of developers and app experts at your service to make your app a success. We help you from the very beginning of the process, understanding what features and elements to include in your app, to the final stages of submission and then continue supporting you for the whole time your app is live.

  • Build apps with what you have and what you know already — There’s nothing new to learn. If you can build it in WordPress, you can have an app for it with MobiLoud.
  • Works with any theme or plugin — MobiLoud is designed to work with any site, with almost no limitations
  • Add a native menu and animations to your site — Make your app easy and fast to navigate
  • Select a different theme for your site and app — Or not… you choose!
  • Full control over the app’s content and design — Your site controls the app, use your existing skills to design and update your app
  • Automatic content updates — Your mobile app updates without any work required. Any change on the site will be reflected in the app.
  • Works on all major platforms — Your mobile app is guaranteed to work on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.
  • No-hassle publishing — Nothing new to learn. No code to write. MobiLoud gets your app published for you in no time. Zero effort for you.
  • Push notifications — Your app adds a push notifications inbox and options for your users. Use push to send any sort of targeted message to your users.
  • Mobile advertising and monetisation — Use banner ads and interstitials designed specifically for mobile apps (Admob, MoPub, Google DFP, Adsense supported).

What some of our customers say about MobiLoud

“MobiLoud was a great way to bring our blog to a mobile app without having to make a large investment in development. The MobiLoud Team made some customizations for us so that our mobile app had all the features that we wanted. They were very responsive and easy to work with.”
Marile Borden, Founder, Moms Who Need Wine

“In my opinion this is the best service for creating your Android and iOS mobile apps. Really easy to configure and once you have done that, the mobile apps automatically get the content from your WordPress site. A great way to create an extra outlet for the content you already produce for your website. MobiLoud’s support is simply excellent. They will get your mobile app up and running in no time.”
Antoine Holl, Founder, Broadcast Science

“MobiLoud makes it really simple to create a good looking mobile app. MobiLoud also offers great support with prompt replies and good service to customizations for your mobile app. Overall we love it and would use it again.”
Daniel McCullumm, Founder, Around Town Rotorua

“First and foremost, the support I have received from the MobiLoud team has been phenomenal. They have gone above and beyond basic support to even doing extra development to add features. Additionally, the MobiLoud mobile app platform is very easy to use and is an incredible tool to create native mobile apps from a WordPress site.”
Kevin Trehan, North American Retail Hardware Association

“Working with MobiLoud was the best decision we took at launching our WordPress mobile app. Everything worked like a charm and I would recommend the service to anyone.”
Fola Akinmolayan, Neo-2 Limited


  1. Click the “Activate Plugin” link
  2. Move to the “Canvas” page in the WordPress menu
  3. Done! Now you can start configuring the theme for your mobile app

Any questions?

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