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Memphis Documents Library (mDocs) is a documents library for WordPress with a robust feature set. It is a great tool for the organization and distribution of files.

Frontend Upload Button Just Released

Finally it is here the frontend upload file button. Head over to to get all the details:

Help With Frontend Upload Button

Creating a Box API Developer Key for Memphis Documents Library

What’s New With Version 3.10.9

  • Update – Added another condition to the preview options.
  • Bug – Fixed issue admin page upload redirect.
  • Bug – Removed var_dump.

Memphis Documents Library Features

  • Document preview and thumbnails available for most file types.
  • Batch Upload of files into the system
  • Upload media files that match WordPress’s white-list. This white-list is configurable from the WordPress menus.
  • Download tracking of files
  • Posts created for each new media upload, showing information of the specific file.
  • Version control, allows you to view and revise to older version of your file.
  • The ability to share you files on other websites.
  • Social media buttons for each document.
  • Referential file methodology. This allows for the updating of a file while the link remains the same.
  • Importing of document libraries into your current library, or just migrating to another website.
  • Exporting you documents libraries for safe backup and store, migration to another website or sharing with someone elsecheck box
  • The ability to create, edit and delete categories and subcategories.
  • Search for files using the WordPress search.
  • Customization of download button view

Feature Requests

  • Feature – Have the ability to define sort options per folder.
  • Feature – Shortcode take parameters to be able to hide version/last mod/etc.
  • Feature – One file added into multiple folders.
  • Feature – Have the ability to comment on documents and have the owner notified what changes need to be made to the file.
  • Feature – Change the font size of the folders or have them in a gallery like format.
  • Feature – Have a shortcode to display all files by owner, contributor, tag or category.
  • Feature – Have the ability to create a custom sort order.
  • Feature – Custom input fields.
  • Feature – Restrict file download by user or role.
  • Feature – Permissions in folders instead of each document independently.
  • Feature – Add the ability to add a link back to the mDocs documents list.
  • Feature – Added more level to categories.
  • Feature – Exposing filepath for indexing website via ElasticSearch.
  • Feature – Add folder structure to the mdocs post page.
  • Feature – Password protected files.
  • Feature – Added categories and tags to batch edit.
  • Feature – Add number of files in each folder.
  • Feature – Reordering of the dropdown list.
  • Feature – Add thumbnail support to table view.
  • Feature – Right click dropdown menu.
  • Feature – Frontend uploader have a redirect for non logged in users.
  • Feature – Add a description for folders.
  • Feature – Maximum upload for users.
  • Feature – Change owner of file.
  • Feature – Use mDocs thumbnail as feature image.
  • Feature – Shortcode for adding top download, top rated and last modified to any page or post.
  • Feature – Post page next and previous based on mDocs sort options..
  • Feature – Total number of downloads for each folder.
  • Feature – Total number of downloads of entire site.
  • Feature – Email document link to users.
  • Feature – Download all files from a folder.
  • Feature – Batch upload keeping folder structure.


From the WordPress plugin menu click on Add New and search for Memphis Documents Library

Instead of searching for a plugin you can directly upload the plugin zip file by clicking on Upload:

Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, then click on Install Now. The plugin will be uploaded to your blog and installed. It can then be activated.

Once uploaded the configuration menu is located in either the “Memphis” menu with the heading of “Documents” in the Dashboard or in the “Memphis Docs” menu.

Plugin author

Ian Howatson

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the Memphis Documents Library plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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