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Float Any is a tool that will help you to make conversion elements for your Website. To be concrete, with Float Any create floating menus, info bars, popup or slide-in panels. It can be used, for example, to:

  • Engage visitors with your products and items
  • Convert visitors to consumers, followers or buyers
  • Increase social followers & connect with your social sites
  • Get additional email subscribers
  • Create eminent floating menus
  • Stick necessary announcements

The big chance is you’ll like this, Float Any’s interface is the same that WordPress is using for publishing posts and pages. This means that content of the panels are built with native WordPress’ blocks. This creates lightweight outcome, outputting mostly the resources your site is already using. This should produce faster page loading compared to the tools competitors provide.

Therefore, Float Any allows you to simply extend the functionality of your Website and to create floating content in an easy and a way you should be already familiar with. Multiple styles and functionalities are there which can engage your site’s guests and will enable additional interactions for them on the site. You see, by simply adding exisiting WordPress block’s, assemble components to form different site elements, i.e. floating menus, popup boxes, newsletter signup forms and important announcements. As you guess, the way you form the content, is up to you. You can get really creative by yourself or use existing patterns.


At the end, to get things easier we’ve created the import/export feature. This permits you to quickly move Float Any content from one Website to a different one or to begin simply with the examples we have prepared for you. Once imported, you’ll be able to test different Float Any panel types. More information on how to import exemple content is provided on our site.

Note: Some features are part of the Premium addon. Free version allows you to test the plugin interface and to obtain the general impression regarding the plugin. If the basic version is all you need, you’re free to use it. However, with Premium version you get more features and options.


Premium Version

  • All sliding and popup styles
  • Add classes
  • Conditional logic – restriction for any page, user logged status, user roles, etc.
  • Appear after event (time, scrolling, page’s element in view)
  • Trigger a popup “On click” – from the content’s button, link or image
  • Output as a shortcode or WordPress block”
  • and much more customization options…”

To fully understand Float Any’s features view Demo and with additional information on our site see all benefits of upgrading to the Premium version.



From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins -> Add New, then search for the “Float Any”. Activate the plugin.


Alternatively, install “Float Any” by uploading the files manually to your server. Download the plugin here from, upload the files to the plugin directiory of your WordPress installation. Go to the admin dashboard of your site, now. Navigate to the Plugins section and activate Float Any.


After activating the plugin, in your WordPress Dashboard find the section “Float Any”. There you can set Float Any’s default settings and add your first floating panel.

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