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Online education is a growing field within the education industry. Online courses have become a popular way for people to advance in life or in their respective fields without needing to spend too much money.

If you are interested in marketing your skills and knowledge in this way, then you will need an effective way to connect with potential customers.

A good way of reaching out to such learners is by building a website. However, most regular sites don’t have the functionality to allow for online learning – that is where WordPress LMS plugin come in.

Learning Management System (LMS) plugins allow you to create and run online courses like Udemy with WordPress. You will want to make sure though that you are choosing the very best LMS plugin for your online learning website. These will provide end-to-end services that include tools and features for managing your online course content, handling subscriptions, running and grading quizzes, accepting payments, and more.

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Introducing the MasterStudy WordPress LMS Plugin

MasterStudy LMS is a powerful online education, course, and learning management system plugin for WordPress that is available free of charge. It is suitable for use with WordPress 4.6 and above.

Developed by StylemixThemes, the user-friendly tool is powered by WYSIWYG editor. This software, written in Javascript, is easy to integrate and allows for rich text editing capabilities. All the key elements of MasterStudy are built with Vue.js. This allows for fast page loading and smoother transitions.

The MasterStudy LMS is packed full of exciting features. The system includes a powerful admin panel, a messaging system, spaces for posting quizzes, and their results and a place for course announcements.

The WordPress plugin is a cornerstone part of the Masterstudy WordPress theme for education business. Upgrading to the WordPress theme is optional but does come with additional benefits and functions, including a greater range of customization abilities. This will be covered here in more detail a little later on.

Who is it for?

The MasterStudy LMS plugin is an excellent tool for anyone in need of an online-education focused website. The plugin makes it hassle-free and straightforward to build, customize, and manage such a site via the popular open-source content management website WordPress.

It is effortless to use, and its features include the ability to create brilliant interactive lessons which incorporate videos, graphs, images, slides, and additional attachments.

Your website visitors can quickly view details of any available courses, select them for purchase, pay, and then begin their learning journey all with just a few clicks of their mouse.

MasterStudy LMS plugin is a multilingual tool that will help you to adapt the interface of your website for the language you want. Avoid any inconvenience you or your customers may face by providing them with a localized experience. Translate the website into English, French, Turkish, German, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish language.

How do I install it?

To successfully install the plugin, you need to first download the relevant files.

When they have finished downloading to your computer, you need to then either upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

To install the plugin through the WordPress directly, go to the Plugins tab on the WordPress admin panel. From there, you need to search for MasterStudy LMS. Once you have found it, you need to click on the button to download the relevant files.

Once completed, you will need to activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress. After you have done this, you can use the Header Builder to configure the plugin.

The plugin is suitable for use with many of the pre-existing WordPress themes.

How do I use it?

Setting up a course

To create a course, click on ‘course’ on the admin bar, add new, and then enter the course title and description in the spaces provided. You can use the page builder to construct the layout.

After doing this, you will need to fill in the course’s settings fields at the bottom of the page. Details required here include the course level, number of students, course duration, skill level, and the date range of the course.

Clicking on the next tab over will bring up the accessibility options. This is where you input the course price (leaving the field blank if you are making the course available for free). You can additionally exclude the course from any membership plans here.

The ‘Announcement’ section allows you to publish any additional information that your students will need to have before starting the course.

In the final tab, you can add any frequently asked questions. This allows you to save time by anticipating any questions that customers may have about the course and answering them before they have even been asked.

Developing lessons

The curriculum is developed by creating new sections and lessons following the guidance provided. A further benefit here is that you can add in previously created content such as lessons and quizzes.

In the building section, found at the bottom of the course development page, you need to enter details on the new section and then on the first lesson in the relevant places. Upon entering a lesson title and clicking on the pencil icon, you are redirected to the page builder, which you are advised to use for editing lesson content. Here you can create three different types of lessons: text lessons, video lessons, and slideshow lessons. It is easy to add in elements, templates, or text blocks.

Upon finishing the lesson, you will need to select the lesson type from the dropdown menu situated in the lower part of the screen, write a description and enable the preview to allow people who haven’t yet purchased the course to view the details.

Constructing quizzes

To input a quiz, you need to go back to the building section at the bottom of the course development page and enter a title in the quiz field. After clicking on the pencil icon, you will be redirected to the relevant page for this.

From there, you can then type in the first question and click on the plus symbol on the top left side of the screen to select the question type. There are three options to choose from here – single choice, multiple-choice and true or false. Here you will be prompted to enter the answers.

You repeat this process each time and can add as many questions as you like. You can also opt to add countdown timers to quizzes. Finally, you need to add the metadata – this includes a description of the quiz and details on its duration. You can also set up a passing score for the quiz or set the questions to shows the correct answer.

Shortcodes for MasterStudy LMS plugin

MasterStudy Plugin offers you the originally developed shortcodes. With the help of them, you can add different modules from the plugin to any theme.

If you wanted to use some elements from MasterStudy LMS with other themes, now you have this opportunity. There is a list of shortcodes that you can use to paste the necessary modules and options on your website.

You can insert shortcodes into any page using a WordPress text editor. Plus to this, the LMS shortcodes can be used through Elementor Widgets and WPBakery Page Builder, or the Classic Editor.

Shortcodes will help you to expand theme features and add even more customization to your website. Just easily place it anywhere you want, and it will add a feature to the page or post on your site.

Shortcodes enable such popular elements as:

  • Search box — enables the display of a search field, to integrate a smart searching engine into your website.
  • Course carousel — shows the courses carousel, with sorting options and categories.
  • Courses categories — shows the courses categories, allowing you to set the display style.
  • Courses grid — shows the courses grid, where you can fully adjust the display.
  • Featured Teacher — allows you to display the featured teacher, supporting the profile with teacher bio and image.
  • Instructors carousel — shows the instructor carousel, the module is supplied with multiple settings to let you control the overall display of the carousel.
  • Recent Courses — shows the section with recently added courses.
  • Single Course Carousel — show the carousel with a single course, with very convenient navigation.

The next modules are available only in the PRO version.

  • Course Bundles — enables the option of course bundles, so you could put your courses in the packages.
  • Google Classroom Grid view — enables the grid view of Google Classrooms.
  • Certificate checker — enables the certificate checker for certificate verification.

The list of MasterStudy shortcodes allows you not only to add different elements to your website but set them up. Almost every module has its own set of parameters and variables.
For example, adding a course carousel, you can enter the module title, set up sorting options, and sort courses depending on their rating, popularity and price, in addition to this, you can add pagination and buttons – Previous and Next.

With the new modules, you will discover new possibilities, improve the user experience, adjust the look and feel of your site, and enjoy the simplicity of use.

Demo Course Import

Import Demo Courses in just one click. Import courses, lessons, and questions from the demo template to use them on your website. You can use the premade structure and update the content to save time and speed up the work.

How do my customers use it?

The clean design and user-friendly interface make it easy for the potential student to view both the available courses alongside details of these courses such as the cost, the duration, the level, how many students are enrolled, and specifics about the type of materials included.

Extra features to support your customers in their learning include message boards that provide a social-network type environment for students to get answers and help from the course creator, comment systems within the lessons themselves where the students can ask more specific questions and a private message system where they can interact with other users

There is a user profile system for both students and instructors. In their profile, students can check course progress, continued paused lessons, check quiz scores, and purchase courses or membership plans.

Flexible pricing and payment options are available due to PayPal and Stripe integration, which is included in the plugin. Monthly or annual subscription plans are possible alongside one-time payments.

Why should I get it?

The MasterStudy LMS plugin provides the tools for developing simple yet effective professional-looking online learning content that will be attractive to your potential customers.

It’s clear and simple layout makes it easy to get the hang off, meaning that you will save yourself a substantial amount of time with not trying to get to grips with similar but more confusing programs or plugins.

Tools are provided for dealing with each step of the learning process from enrollment to successful completion of the course. It’s completely hassle-free.

What are the optional extras?

MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin has MasterStudy LMS Pro version. Extra futures off this pro version are: Udemy Course Importer, Prerequisites, Online Testing, Statistics and Payout, Trial Courses, Sequential Drip Content, The Gradebook, Lessons Live Streaming, Group Courses, Assignments, Point system, Course Bundle and WooCommerce integration.

Alongside the plugin, StylemixThemes have also developed a full Education WordPress Theme that further extends your site’s capabilities. This is available at a cost. You can buy a MasterStudy theme from the Themeforest marketplace.

The theme, which provides more creative control over the website, includes additional premium plugins as part of the bundle, free lifetime updates, 24/7 support, extra features (available in Pro version of Masterstudy plugin), and ready-to-use demos.

Two of the premium plugins included are:
* The Visual Composer plugin. This allows you to build pages in minutes with easy drag and drop tools. Unlimited skin colors and a vast collection of Google Fonts give you even more scope to personalize the look and feel of your website.
* BuddyPress. This has incredibly useful functionality such as course groups, activity feeds, course messaging, advanced profiles, and much more.

In terms of the ready to use demos, there are 11 unique designs to suit your taste and purpose. You can simply select the one you like and change it any time that you want.

Overall, the MasterStudy LMS plugin offers a competitive solution to the issue of adapting your website for online education. The variety of tools and features available support every aspect of this business, and the creatively designed content is simple yet eye-catching. It will help attract potential customers looking to develop their knowledge in your field.

MasterStudy LMS Plugin Demo


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Please find more details on Plugin Installation in documentation
  4. Set Up Courses Archive Page in Menu -> STM LMS Settings Area.


  • [stm_lms_courses_grid_display per_row=”4″ posts_per_page=”4″ load_more=”true”]
    Accepts all WP_Query params for sorting, order by etc
  • [stm_courses_searchbox]
    Shows courses search box
  • [stm_lms_courses_carousel]
    Enables the courses carousel
  • [stm_lms_courses_categories]
    Shows categories of the courses
  • [stm_lms_courses_grid]
    Enables the courses grid
  • [stm_lms_featured_teacher]
    Shows Featured Teacher
  • [stm_lms_instructors_carousel]
    shows the Instructors carousel
  • [stm_lms_recent_courses]
    Displays Recent courses
  • [stm_lms_single_course_carousel]
    Shows the carousel with single course

Template System

  • Easily copy any template from stm-lms-templates folder and move it in your theme for future customization. Try not to edit plugin files, they will be replaced after plugin update.

LMS Hard-coded Pages

  • /lms-login – Login/Register Page
  • /courses/{course}/{lesson} – Lesson Page (must be logged in with Purchased course or lesson is Preview)
  • /lms-user/{user_id} – User Private Page (must be logged in)
  • /lms-user_profile/{user_id} – User Public Page
  • /lms-chats – User Chat (must be logged in)
  • /lms-wishlist – My Wishlist Page
  • /lms-checkout – Checkout Page (must be logged in)

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