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MANTIS Ad Network | Mantis Ad Network


In order to use this plugin, you must have been accepted as a publisher into the MANTIS network.

  • Get paid for every click you generate
  • Highest payouts in the industry
  • Full control & flexibility over ads shown


  1. Upload the plugin folder (mantis-ad-network) to the wp-content/plugins directory of your wordpress installation.
  2. Login to the administration area of WordPress and you should see a disabled plugin called “MANTIS Ad Network”, click “Activate”.
  3. A red error message will appear once activated, follow the instructions to configure the plugin properly.
  4. After configuring the plugin, you may then add advertisements anywhere widgets work in your theme (Appearance > Widgets).

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Mantis Ad Network

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If you encounter problems in using the MANTIS Ad Network plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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