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LookBook for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce extension that helps your customer visualize your products, know how will it look in real life. This plugin is very useful for fashion shop. Before buying any clothes online, customers always wonder how will the product look like when they wear it. Lookbook for WooCommerce solves this problem by allowing you to create lookbook of your products with picture and nodes. Using nodes to marks your products on lookbook pictures. Customers can click on nodes to view product information and purchase.

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Important Notice:

  • Plugin works based on WooCommerce 3.x plugin.
  • It is released on WordPress.org and you can use plugin as free to build themes for sale.


Loobook: create product lookbook and display it with shortcodes.

  • Create Lookbooks: use product picture to create lookbook. You can drag and drop nodes on lookbook pictures to mark products.

  • Shortcodes: Use shortcodes to put lookbook any where you want on your sits. Avaiable shortcodes:

  • Display Instagram Photos as carousel: [woocommerce_lookbook_instagram style=”[carousel]” row=”[number]” limit=”[number]”]

  • Display Instagram Photos as gallery:[woocommerce_lookbook_instagram style=”

    ” row=”[number]” limit=”[number]”]|

  • Put single Lookbooks:[woocommerce_lookbook id=”[list_ids]”]

  • Display multiple Lookbooks as a slide:[woocommerce_lookbook_slide id=”[list_ids]”]

Nodes: use node to mark products on lookbooks.

  • Add node: Adding note and drag and drop nodes to mark product positions on Lookbooks. In free version you are limited with 2 nodes.

  • Nodes color: Design nodes with main color, background color, border color

  • Product title: Choose to display or hide the product titles above the nodes on Lookbooks.

  • Title color: Design product titles color with text color and background color.

Quickview: y click on nodes, customers will open a QuickView popup. The QuickView popup provides them the product name, short description, price. There is also an Add to Cart button on the QuickView popup, allowing customers to select a quantity and add the product to cart.

  • Quickview pop-up design: Design QuickView popup with text color, background color, border-radius.

  • Close button: Select to display or hide the Close button on Quickview popup.

  • See more button: Select to display or hide the see more button on Quickview popup. The see more button will lead to the single product page.

  • Slides: You can combine lookbooks and display it on front-end as a slide.

  • Slide design: Customize the slide size with width and height.

  • Slide effect: Select slide effect slide or fade.

  • Slide Pagination: Enable or disable the slide pagination on the frontend.

  • Slide Navigation: Enable or disable the slide navigation on the frontend.

  • Autoplay: Select to let slides automatical play.

  • Autoplay duration: Select a specified time to move to the next lookbook with autoplay slides option.

  • Custom Script: Add your own CSS code to fully customize lookbook as you want.

  • Link Redirect: If this option is enabled, clicking on a node will redirect to the single product page.

  • External Link: An option for External/Affiliate products, clicking on a node will redirect to the external link instead of the single product page.

  • Sync pictures from Instagram: Enter an Instagram username to sync pictures from that account to LookBook for WooCommerce. Then you will be able to create Lookbook from that pictures.

  • Carousel/Gallery display: Display Instagram pictures and lookbooks on the frontend in Carousel or Gallery style.

  • Link to Instagram: Enable “View on Instagram” button on the Quickview popup, the button will lead to the original Instagram picture which you used to create the Lookbook.

  • Lookbooks in single product page: Automatical finds lookbook that includes the product and displays that lookbook in the product description.

  • Updates weekly: The plugin will be updated weekly for fixing bugs and compatible.

  • Easy to use: Easy to find out how to use this plugin with a friendly user interface and guiding document and videos.


All features of the free version.

6 months Premium support

Unlimited Nodes: You will not be limited by 2 nodes per lookbook like in the free version, just add as many as you want

Node Icon: Select your favorite node icon with four options default, number, marker, alphabet.

Loading Icon: Select your favorite loading icon with ten available icons to be selected.

RTL: support Right to Left website fully.

Instagram sync schedule time: Let the plugin automatically sync photo from Instagram.

Instagram synced picture status: Select visible status for lookbook synced from Instagram pending, publish or a draft.

Image Quantity: Select how many images will be synced from Instagram.


► Check screenshots at https://villatheme.com/extensions/woocommerce-lookbook/


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  1. Unzip the download package
  2. Upload woo-lookbook to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

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If you encounter problems in using the LookBook for WooCommerce – Shoppable with Product Tags plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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