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Under “Forms” you will find all the forms you have created in your ListMaster account with the new form wizard.

ID = Form number
Name: The name of the form as you named it in your ListMaster account when you created it
Group: The name of the group for which you created the form (Warning: A group can have more than one form!)
Shortcode: Code to paste the form into your website

There are 4 ways to paste.

The javascript paste mode inserts a single line of code, which works well in most cases and inserts the form in a standard way. However, violent CSS rules in some templates may override some formatting rules in the form and change its appearance slightly. This is the recommended paste mode.
The html paste mode inserts html code into the page, along with its CSS rules. It’s not completely standard, but it currently works in all browsers. You might want to use it if you insist that the codes be there on the page because e.g. you also want to make some changes. Attention! This is a dangerous method because the text editor tends to change the codes. We recommend this insertion method only for advanced users or professional web designers.
The safest method is clearly the iframe, which loads the form in a subpage. It renders the form accurately in any environment and is guaranteed to work well because it imports ListaMester code in unchanged form and in a blank CSS environment. The downside is that the thank you page also stays in the form box (you can’t get out of it). This is why many people don’t like it, but we recommend this if you have trouble inserting javascript.
Exit popup. The form pops up when the reader leaves the page. Works with Javascript based pasting.
To paste the selected form, copy the shortcode of the form along with the square brackets, then copy it to the content on your website where you want to paste it!


Installation: via the “Add new plug-in” menu item by uploading the .zip file

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