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Particularly suitable to all multi-nested categories and multi-authors website, with lots of posts and complex category layout (i.e.: academic papers, newpapers articles, etc), as weel as for single-user websites (read below). This plugin allows the user to place a shortcode into any page and get rid of a long and nested menu/submenu to show all site’s posts (including custom post types assigned to a standard category). A customizable selector in the page will allow the reader to select grouping by Category/Author/Title.

Shortcode’s options include:

  • excluding any category from the list
  • excluding/including admin users from the list
  • single-user website usage
  • select what list(s) to display
  • limit number of posts in list output
  • Show (optional) post date
  • Show in reverse date order

Output grouped by Category will look like:

    post1                       AUTHOR
        post2                   AUTHOR
        post3                   AUTHOR
            post4               AUTHOR

Shortcode generator

The plugin installs a new menu ACT List Shortcodes in Admin->Tools. The tool is a helper to automatically generate the required shortcode. It will parse the options and display the string to be copied and pasted into any page. Please refer to the plugin admin page for a full list of options.

Default manual usage:


all categories and subcategories post, excluding administrator’s posts, grouped by (upon selection) Category/Author/Title

Exclude categories:

[ACT-list exclude=”cat1-slug, cat2-slug, …”]

listed categories will be excluded. Categories must be listed with their slugnames.

Include admin’s posts:

[ACT-list admin=1]

this option will also include all admin’s posts in the list.

Single-user website:

[ACT-list singleuser=1]

this option is suited for websites with a single author (or when you don’t want to show the authors). It removes grouping by Authors and any author name. This option includes the admin=1 option, so that it will list any post in the website. You can still apply “excluding categories” option.

Select what list(s) to display

The parameter “show” will allow the admin to select what lists will be shown and if the dropdown selector is needed or not. i.e.:

[ACT-list show=”Category, Author”]


[ACT-list show=”Title, Category”]

Allowed terms for the “show” parameter are: Author, Title, Category.

Split the lists into separate pages

By selecting only one variable in the “show” parameter, you will be able to show only one list without the dropdown selector. This will enable you to put the 3 lists into separate pages, or separate tabs of the same page.

Page#1 (or tab#1)
[ACT-list show=”Category”]

Page#2 (or tab#2)
[ACT-list show=”Author”]

Page#3 (or tab#3)
[ACT-list show=”Title”]

Limit the number of posts in the lists

If you have a large numbers of posts (>2,000), it could be convenient to limit the number of posts in the lists, including only a certain amount of the most recent posts. This can be achieved separately for the 3 lists using the following parameters: postspercategory, postsperauthor, totalpoststitle. i.e.:

[ACT-list show=”Category” postspercategory=”20″] will show only the 20 most recent posts for each category.

Show posts list in reverse date order

By default, the posts will be listed from newest to oldest. To change this behaviour, use the reverse-date=1 parameter.

Show posts date (v.>=2.7.0)

The date of the post could be printed out before the post name, optionally

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  1. Upload list-all-posts-by-ACT folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use the Admin->Tools->ACT List Shortcodes form to generate the shortcode.

Plugin author

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If you encounter problems in using the List all posts by Authors, nested Categories and Titles plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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