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Lazy Load for Videos | Kevin Weber


This plugin improves page load time and increases your Google PageSpeed Score. It works with oEmbed and replaces embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos with a clickable preview image.
By loading videos only when the user clicks on the preview image, no unnecessary JavaScript is loaded. Especially on sites with many embedded videos this will make your visitors happy. Additionally, all Youtube videos are loaded in a privacy-enhanced mode using the “” embed URL.

This plugin works for your existing YouTube and Vimeo blocks. No vendor lock-in and no custom shortcodes: Easily turn the plugin on and off anytime.

Demo on the developer’s website:

You want to enhance this plugin? Please contribute on Github.

Some additional features:

  • Display video titles on preview images
  • Pre-roll and post-roll advertisements: Convert all videos into a playlist and automatically add your corporate video, product teaser or another video advertisement to every video. (Great for branding and video ads!)
  • Hide annotations such as “subscribe to channel” to avoid distractions
  • Add custom CSS via the plugin’s admin panel
  • Choose custom colour for your Vimeo player
  • Hide controls from Youtube player
  • Hide information like the video title and uploader when the video starts playing
  • Even lazy load videos in text widgets (Youtube only)
  • Choose between thumbnail sizes (standard or cover)
  • Choose from several play button styles
  • Choose the traditional red or the alternative white progress bar for the Youtube video player
  • Don’t show related videos at the end of your videos
  • Works with WordPress Multisite and many plugins such as TablePress

Future features:

  • Set a custom preview image per video
  • Track how often the videos have been loaded with Google Analytics
  • … YOU want a new feature RIGHT NOW? Please implement it yourself and contribute on Github, and I’ll publish your enhancements to the official WordPress directory.


If you have created your own language pack, or have an update of an existing one, you can send me your gettext PO and MO so that I can bundle it into my plugin. You can download the latest POT file from here.


Upload Lazy Load for Videos into you plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins/) and activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

When you had already published videos before you have activated Lazy Load for Videos, update all posts by clicking the “Update Posts” button below the “Save Changes” button.

You may have to clean the website’s and browser’s cache.

If you don’t see a preview image instead of the Youtube/Vimeo video, open the post editor and update/save the post again or even update all posts using the above mentioned “Update Posts” button.

Optionally: Sign up to the Lazy Load for Videos newsletter to get notified about major updates.

NOTICE – this is important to make your videos work as expected:
Easily insert the URL to your content (e.g. Youtube video) into a post or page. The URL must be on its own line and must not be hyperlinked. “WordPress will automatically turn [the URL] into a YouTube embed when the post is viewed.” (Source:
Inserting a Youtube iframe (instead of the plain URL) is deprecated and not supported by Lazy Load for Videos.

Plugin author

Kevin Weber

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the Lazy Load for Videos plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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