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This plugin lets you securely embed online forms in your WordPress website.

Secure, Easy-to-Use Online Form Builder for WordPress

JotForm is an easy-to-use Form Builder trusted by over 8 million users. With JotForm’s drag-and-drop interface, you can create custom forms for your website or blog using advanced customization tools and CSS injection. Embed your secure online forms into WordPress posts and pages at the click of a button, and set up inbox and email notifications to get notified and check your form responses on any device. And with the free JotForm Mobile Forms app, you can even receive instant push notifications for every submission.

With 10,000+ free form templates to get you started, you can quickly create custom online contact forms, event registration forms, application forms, request forms, surveys, and more, and embed them in your website in just a few clicks. JotForm offers 300+ widgets, including E-Signature, Appointment Slots, Take Photo, Terms & Conditions, and Image Slider, and 100+ integrations to sync form submissions and file uploads to platforms like Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Slack, Zoom, HubSpot, Salesforce, Airtable, Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more — you can even build your own email list and create a customer database in Mailchimp!

You can create a secure payment form to sell your products, collect donations, and set up recurring subscriptions via 30+ trusted payment gateway integrations, including Square, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net, with no additional transaction fees.

And if you’re concerned about data security, JotForm keeps your form data safe with advanced features like PCI compliance, GDPR compliance, a 256-bit SSL connection, and optional HIPAA compliance for healthcare professionals.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your online forms or our Form Builder, feel free to contact our friendly 24-7 support team at any time.

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder — No coding skills required!

Highest WordPress Security for Online Forms

  • CAPTCHA: Protect your forms against spammers and spambots that are programmed to attack websites.
  • Spam protection: Allow only one submission per IP or computer, or disable your form after a specific time period or number of submissions.
  • 256-bit SSL: Protect your forms with JotForm’s 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection that uses a SHA256 certificate.
  • Encryption: Easily encrypt your forms to ensure that submission data is transferred and stored in a secure format. Submissions are encrypted with high-grade RSA 2048 right at the user’s computer and then transferred and stored in JotForm’s servers securely.
  • Password protection: Prevent unwanted form submissions by password-protecting your forms. Only users who know your password will be able to submit their responses.
  • PCI certification: Keep your customers’ cardholder data safe with JotForm’s PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 compliance, the highest security attainment you can have as a business that collects online credit card payments.
  • GDPR compliance: Stay fully compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. This regulation applies to any business that collects data in or from Europe.
  • CCPA compliance: Protect California residents by requiring businesses to handle their online and offline data in a responsible manner.
  • HIPAA compliance: Safely collect sensitive patient health information using JotForm’s HIPAA-compliant forms. A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is available upon request.

View the full list of JotForm’s security features here.
Automate Your Workflow with 100+ Integrations

View all of JotForm’s integrations here.

Collect Payments with No Additional Transaction Fees

  • Credit card forms: Get debit or credit card payments online without paying any extra transaction fees.
  • Recurring subscriptions: Set up subscriptions to allow users to make payments periodically without having to come back to your site.
  • Donations: Boost donations for your charity or nonprofit by adding a free donation form to your website.
  • Invoice generation: Generate invoices to let your customers order now and pay later.
  • Charge customers later: Use JotForm’s payment authorization feature to collect payment information now and charge your customers later.
  • E-check and ACH payments: Process online check payments via eCheck.Net or collect direct bank transfers via Stripe ACH.
  • Discounts and coupons: Set up your payment form to accept coupons and discount codes provided by customers.
  • 30+ payment gateways: PayPal, Square, Stripe, Authorize.Net, BlueSnap, and more!

View the full list of JotForm’s online payment features here.

Advanced Features

  • JotForm Inbox: An email-esque inbox gives users more control over how they view and sort their form submissions.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly: All JotForm forms are now mobile responsive by default. No further configuration is required.
  • Mobile app: Get instant push notifications whenever a new response is submitted.
  • Conditional logic: Show or hide form fields, send emails to certain users, show different thank-you messages, and more.
  • Assign Forms: Assign forms to company members with an email invitation or by sharing a form link with an expiration date.
  • Multilingual forms: Set up translations for your forms so users can fill them out in their native language.
  • Multipage forms: Break up your online forms into multiple pages to win over more leads and customers.
  • Card forms: Make your forms more conversational and boost conversion rates with JotForm Cards, which asks one question per page.
  • CAPTCHA: Protect your forms against spam and unwanted submissions.
  • Appointment scheduling: Let users book appointments or meetings by selecting available dates and times from a calendar.
  • Webhooks: Send form submission notifications to a URL through Webhooks.
  • Autoresponder emails: Send autoresponder emails and receive instant notifications as soon as someone completes your form.
  • Report Builder: Convert form responses into beautiful reports to uncover new business insights and make smarter decisions.
  • Export data as Excel, CSV, or PDF: Download your form’s submission data in Excel, CSV, or PDF file formats.
  • Custom CSS: Inject custom CSS codes into your form to customize it even further.
  • Field validation: Display error messages if a user forgets to fill out a specific form field or inputs incorrect values.
  • Video background: Add an animated background to your Card form by selecting one of our themes or uploading your own.
  • Answer piping: Create a more personalized experience for form users by piping answers from previous questions into later questions on the same form.
  • Save and continue: Let users save their responses to your form and return to complete their submissions later.

Advanced Fields and Widgets

  • E-Signature: Collect legally binding signatures through your online forms.
  • Form Calculation: Automatically perform calculations in your form.
  • Terms & Conditions: Let users read and accept terms and conditions.
  • Take Photo: Let users take photos directly on your form.
  • Annotate Picture: Let users write on pictures, leave notes, and draw on images.
  • Appointment Slots: Schedule appointments through your forms.
  • Fill in the Blank: Make your online forms more conversational with our Fill in the Blank field — great for contracts, agreements, registration forms, consent forms, and more!
  • Geolocation: Gather the location of the person filling out your form.
  • GPS Location: Collect accurate GPS locations through your form.
  • Product List: Display your unique products as cards, making them more visible, vibrant, and easy to find.
  • File Upload: Let users upload files by dragging them directly from their desktop or folder.
  • Voice Recorder: Let users record their voices or other sounds using their computer microphone or a set of headphones.
  • Star Rating: Gather valuable feedback by adding a star rating field to your survey.

View the entire list of JotForm’s form widgets here.

No matter what type of website you’re building, JotForm makes it easier than ever to create online WordPress forms that meet your exact needs. With thousands of customizable templates and advanced form features you won’t find anywhere else, JotForm is the best WordPress form builder on the market!

Instalation Instructions

  1. Download repo’s tarball/zip and extract it to your WordPress’s Plugins folder ({wordpress-folder}/wp-content/plugins)
  2. Enter your WordPress Administrator panel (http://my-wordpress.url/wp-admin)
  3. Activate plugin under Plugins section
  4. Go to post/page you want to embed your form
  5. If you are using Gutenberg editor, add a Classic block to your post/page
  6. Click on JotForm’s Form Picker tool (pencil icon)
  7. Select your form from your JotForm account
  8. Save/Preview it
  9. Voila! Your form is embedded to your post/page 🙂
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