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Joan is a WordPress plugin that lets site admins easily manage and display a rotating programming schedule for radio or TV. Jock on air now (JOAN) displays

the name of the current show and upcoming show with current time. If nothing is scheduled, it displays a custom message of your choice.

Current Features

  • Open show/DJ URLs in a new tab

  • Easily create and edit shows/events.

  • Customize your “Off Air Message”.

  • Hide or show next show/event.

  • Turn schedule ON/Off (Requires show next JOAN to be set to No).

  • Display your schedule with On Air Now widget or Shortcode.

  • Add URL links to shows.

  • Upload images for events/shows and display them in the On Air Now widget.

  • Add the On Air Now widget to Posts and Pages.

  • Shortcode to display scheduled shows/events for each day.

  • Supports databases that don’t use wp_ prefix.

Display Options

Display the current Jock/Show in a sidebar. Find the Joan Widget in your Appearance->Widgets settings, add to your sidebar
or add [joan-now-playing] to any page.

Display your stations Weekly Schedule. Create a new page, name it Full Schedule place the schedule Shortcode save and add to your site navigation.[joan-


Automatically display your schedule for each day of the week.

Get Joan Premium

*Autmatically updates JOAN database (Your data is not altered in anyway)

*Added option to display schedule as 24h-military time

*Localization Support

*Priority Support

*Schedule Import

*Multi-site support

*Edit existing show times (without having to delete the show first)

*Enter recurring shows only once, JOAN will automatically insert the show for all the days you select

*Set a shows’ status

*Open show URLs in a new tab

*Customize your “Off Air Message”

*Hide or show next show/jock

*Suspend Schedule

*Display your schedule using the sidebar widget “JOAN” or the “On Air Now” Shortcode.

*Add show/jock external links

*Display Jock Image

*Add the “On Air Now” widget to any post or page

*Shortcode to show daily schedule

*Shortcode to show full schedule

*Supports any database prefix

Premium Support and more. JOAN Premium


Download and install using the standard WordPress plugin installation method then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

Find Jock on air now in the Admin menu click to begin adding or editing your schedule.

You must, Select your city of operation (timezone) e.g. America/New_York equals Eastern Time
Set time format to 24 hours e.g. 1300 equals 1pm.

Plugin author

G & D Enterprises, Inc.

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the Jock on air now plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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