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After you configure your Infusionsoft Affiliate plugin, you’ll be able to sync up your affiliates (Referral Partners) to your WordPress site and add in affiliate specific merge fields.

Where might you use this?

  • Personalized sales pages for your referral partners to use in promoting your product
  • Personalized opt-in pages that appear to be written by your referral partners
  • Custom webinar sign up forms, one for each referral partner

Use the [affiliate] shortcode with a specific field; for example, to get the referral partner’s name, use [affiliate field="AffName"].

You can also specify a default value like [affiliate field="AffName" default="your friend"].

For fields that are dates, you can specify a PHP friendly date format, for example [affiliate field="_WebinarDate" format="l, f Js" /].

Additionally, for date fields, you can move a date forward or backwards in time with the dateshift option like [affiliate field="_WebinarDate" default="3 days before our webinar" format="l, F jS" dateshift=" -3 days" /]

When using dateshift, the value should start with a + or a - followed by a number and then a unit, for example - 1 day, +90 minutes, or +1 year.

If you are returning any HTML code, for example a tracking pixel, an image tag, rich HTML, etc… you may want to specify htmldecode=1 to prevent WordPress from escaping your HTML.

All your custom referral partner fields get pulled down, too, just don’t forget to put the underscore in front, i.e. _YourCustomField.


To install the plugin, download it, upload to your wordpres blog, activate and configure.


To configure your installation, click Settings and then select enter your Infusionsoft Application name and API Key.

Custom Development

If you need help with a custom installation or modification to better integrate into your Infusionsoft application and WordPress site, please contact Jeremy B. Shapiro directly.

Plugin author

Jeremy Shapiro

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If you encounter problems in using the Infusionsoft Affiliates plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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