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Horoscope and Astrology widget is by clickastro.com – India’s leading Vedic Astrology portal. It’s not just a widget, but a window to the world of wide varieties of horoscope and astrology reports. Adding this plugin will give your users authentic Indian Astrology reports.

By adding this FREE Widget you will get,
-More User Engagement
-Revenue Share
-More Website Traffic
-Better scope for ads
-Income from paid reports

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User BENEFITS of Clickastro Widget
* More Website Traffic
Clickastro ‘Horoscope and Astrology’ Widget offers free personalized predictions. It uses their own world-class astrology calculation engine which maintains a high-level accuracy. The authenticity of these reports can drive more visitors seeking Vedic Astrology predictions.

  • More User Engagement
    With the increase in the number of visitors, user engagement per visitor would also increase. The visitors coming to the widget will have to spend some time on that page for filling up the fields. The average time your visitors spend may rise 9 – 11%.

  • Life-long Revenue
    Having the Clickastro ‘Horoscope and Astrology’ widget on your website will be a source for life-long revenue. It gives you a steady income from the sale of Clickastro paid reports. As it increases your traffic, your scope of revenue from ads will also increase.

  • Better scope for ads
    When the website traffic and user engagement increase, you have a higher potential for getting ads. With more ads, you get more revenue.

  • Income from paid reports
    The visitors using the widget will be introduced to the wide range of Clickastro astrology solutions. When someone directed from your site buys a paid report from clickastro.com, that amount will be shared between us. You can get up to 50% of every successful transaction.

What’s Special about Clickastro Horoscope and Astrology?

‘clickastro.com’ is India’s leading Vedic Astrology portal with visitors from all over the world. Clickastro has so far generated more than 116 million astrology reports and we provide a wide array of horoscope and astrology reports. It’s an inclusive astrology portal covering solutions based on all branches of astrology.

Why wait to add Clickastro ‘Horoscope and Astrology’ Widget? Make your users feel benefited with the Vedic astrology . You will find an extra source of income too!

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Install and Activate

1.Install and activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins –> Add New.
2.Search for “Horoscope and Astrology” to find the plugin.
3.When you see Horoscope and Astrology, click “Install Now” to install the plugin.
4.Click “Activate” to activate the plugin.
5.Register for an API Key GET API KEY
6.Login LOGIN
7.Add your API Key to the settings field in ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Widgets’ -> ‘Horoscope plugin’
8.Custom Background Color: Add a hex color to override the default colors

To display the horoscope widget in a page or post, add this shortcode to the content area: [ca-horoscope]

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If you encounter problems in using the Horoscope and Astrology plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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