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This plugin hides update notifications for WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates in WordPress admin for all users except first registered user (the one who installed the site) or specified users (see example below). It’s useful for developers and agencies who take care of updates and maintenance of their clients sites and wants to hide the notices for other users.

✔ Hides WordPress core update notices.
✔ Hides plugin update notices.
✔ Hides theme update notices.
✔ Hides Updates link in admin menu and admin bar.
✔ Blocks users who are not allowed to see updates from accessing the updates page.

This plugin is intended for developers and agencies who have good reasons for hiding the updates.

Specify allowed users

Developers can use the hide_updates_allowed_users filter to specify which users are allowed to see update notifications. Add the username of each allowed user to an array like in the following example:

function site_hide_updates_allowed_users() {
    $allowed_users = array( 'charlotte', 'bob' );
    return $allowed_users;
add_filter( 'hide_updates_allowed_users', 'site_hide_updates_allowed_users' );

Compatibility with remote management services

This plugin has only been tested with ManageWP. ManageWP has to connect to the site with a user account that is allowed to see updates.

Manual installation

  1. Upload the hide-updates directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Maybe because the installation process is relatively simple, the official website does not write a detailed installation process for the time being. If you encounter problems installing this plugin, you can solve it through search engines or comment below, I will try to help you solve it

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If you encounter problems in using the Hide Updates plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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