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Haven’t you just grown tired of the clutter of Admin Notices that appear at the top of every page in your WordPress Admin?

With each new plugin or theme that you install, there seem to be just more and more notices that appear at the top of each page!

With this simple plugin, you can claim back all this wasted screen space so that you can focus on what is important – creating your content.

“Hide Admin Notices” hides away all of the notices, update nags and messages and makes it easy for you to see them again, when you want.


After activating this plugin, you will have a new “Show Notices” button. This button will appear at the top right-hand corner
of your admin pages – just next to “Screen Options” – when there are Admin Notices hidden for the current page.

If there are no Admin Notices hidden for the current page, the “Show Notices” button will not appear.

When you click the button, all the Admin Notices will slide down into view. Click the button a second time, and the notices will slide out of view.


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  1. Press the Add New button on your WordPress Admin Plugins screen
  2. Search for “Hide Admin Notices”
  3. Press Install Now and then Activate
  4. The plugin will now be working. I hope you enjoy!

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Jon Pontet

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If you encounter problems in using the Hide Admin Notices plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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