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Create simple hidden fields and dynamically generated hidden fields with Conact Form 7

Simple Hidden fields are just that, simple hidden fields

*** New Dynamic Hidden Fields ***

How to create dynamic hidden fields

1) Create a filter to be called from your CF7 Dynamic Select Field.

Example Filter:

function cf7_dynamic_hidden_do_example1($value, $args=array()) {
    $value = 'new value';
    return $value;
} // end function cf7_dynamic_select_do_example1
             'cf7_dynamic_hidden_do_example1', 10, 2);

2) Enter the filter name and any arguments into the Filter Field when adding a Dynamic Hidden Field.
For example, if we need to supply a post_id so that the filter can get the post title
filter value entered would look something like this:

my-filter post_id=9

Do Not Include any extra spaces or quotes arround values, names or the =

You can pass any number are arguments to your filter and they will be converted into an array. For example the

my-filter post_id=101 author_id=2

This will call the function assocaited with the filter hook ‘my-filter’ with an arguments the argument array of:
$args = array(
‘post_id’ => 101,
‘author_id’ => 2

If the filter does not exist or your filter does not return a value then the value of the hidden field will be left empty.

Also on GitHub


  1. Upload the files to the plugin folder of your site
  2. Activate it from the Plugins Page

Plugin author

John A. Huebner II

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If you encounter problems in using the Hidden Field for Contact Form 7 plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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