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GoQMieruca | GoQSystem Inc. | marketing automation


“Gokumi Elka” is an epoch-making tool that allows visitors to your site to “visualize” when, what page, and how they viewed it, and to carry out efficient sales activities and easy marketing.
Gokumi Elka will solve all the sales problems that companies have!

《Do you have any problems with your sales activities? 》

  • I exchange business cards, but I haven’t been able to use it for future sales …
  • I’m guts and steadily tele-appointing, but I want to make it more efficient …
  • I can’t identify who I am by looking at Google Analytics …
  • Marketing automation was difficult and couldn’t be used …

《GoQMieruca solves everything》
[Visitor visualization]
You can see in real time which company viewed what page and for how many seconds, so that company is interested in what. You can judge how likely it is.
Since you can freely label and manage each customer, you can intuitively understand the transition source and attributes of the customer!

[Efficiency of sales activities] At
Gokumi Elka, not only can you see the company information of the visitor, but you can also know which page the person in charge of the company visited, how many minutes, and in what order. is. You can also export the visited company information as CSV data as a “promising customer list”.
It will be possible to grasp the needs of each company in advance and approach appropriately while determining the timing.

[Simplification of marketing]
HTML emails delivered from Goku-Mielka can aggregate click rates and clicks, and it is surprisingly easy to measure and analyze the effects!
You can also use the behavior of high-potential customers to help you improve your website effectively.

[What is “visualization” of corporate information?] “Visualization” of
visitor’s corporate information by linking the corporate database and IP address!
By linking the IP address and the company database, you can see which company is the user who visits your site, as well as the address, contact information, scale, etc. with a single click.
You can know in advance what your company is interested in before you can do a teleapo.

[“Visualization” by submitting a form] “Visualization”
by linking the customer information entered in the form with the access history of the company’s site!
When a customer who applied for a free trial from the form in the past and did not reach a contract visits the site again at a later date, the customer’s information will be “visualized”.
It’s easy to re-approach a lost customer at the right time.

[“Visualization” in email delivery] “Visualization”
by associating the customer who clicked the link in the email with the access history of the company’s site!
Import the customer’s business card exchanged at an exhibition etc. into the business card management software and upload the CSV data to Mielka.
If you send an email to the customer and ask them to click the link in the text, it will be linked to the personal information of the business card.
When the customer visits the site at a later date, the customer’s information is “visualized”.

Make your site “visible” to your visitors and streamline your sales activities!

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  1. Apply for a 20-day free trial from the GoQMieruca website (https://goq.ma/).
  2. Click [Add New] in the plugin menu.
  3. Search for GoQMieruca.
  4. Click [Install now] to go to GoQ Mieruca.
  5. The plugin will start working.

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