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The GNU Terry Pratchett plugin transmits an “X-Clacks-Overhead” header reading, “GNU Terry Pratchett” so that Terry’s name is whispered forevermore in the Internet’s “overhead”.

In Pratchett’s “Going Postal”, workers who die in the line of duty have their names transmitted up and down the Discworld’s telegraph system as a tribute.

This plugin makes it easy for WordPress users to do the same for Terry Pratchett, without having to modify their server configuration.

The GNU Terry Pratchett headers

The plugin adds the GNU Terry Pratchett header in two ways:

  1. As an HTTP header (sent only if you don’t use a WordPress caching plugin).
  2. As a meta tag in your HTML with the http-equiv attribute.

Checking the HTTP header is sent

There is no settings page. There are several ways to check that the HTTP header is appearing for your site:

  1. With your terminal (curl -I
  2. With Chrome’s Network tab.
  3. With the Clacks Overhead Chrome plugin or the GNU Terry Pratchett Firefox extension.
  4. Using the Server Header Checker.

Note that the HTTP header is only sent if you don’t use a page caching plugin. If you’d like to send the HTTP header and continue to use a caching plugin, you’ll need to add it at the server level. See for options.

Checking the meta tag is being added

You can check that the meta tag is visible by viewing your site’s HTML source and searching for “GNU Terry Pratchett”.

The Clacks Overhead plugin for Chrome and the GNU Terry Pratchett extension for Firefox both light up when they detect the HTML meta tag or HTTP header.

Credits and contributions

Inspired by this reddit post, boingboing’s report, and the GNU Terry Pratchett website.

Contributions welcome at the GitHub repo.


  1. Unzip and upload the gnu-terry-pratchett folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin on the WordPress ‘Plugins’ page.

There is no settings page. To check that the header is appearing for your site, you can use your terminal (curl -I, Chrome’s Network tab, or a site such as Server Header Checker.

Plugin author

Nick Cernis

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the GNU Terry Pratchett plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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