Gift Cards (Gift Vouchers and Packages) (WooCommerce Supported)

Gift Cards (Gift Vouchers and Packages) (WooCommerce Supported) | codemenschen


Are you looking for creating and selling unlimited gift vouchers on your WordPress/WooCommerce powered website? Then, your search ends here!

We bring you our top-notch product and an excellent customizable WordPress plugin that will cater to all your needs.

The Gift Cards by CodeMenschen is a multi-supported (Woocommerce and WordPress) plugin and a perfect solution for generating and selling gift cards. Be it a product, service or experience, your gift cards/gift packages can include a variety of things.
From rewards & promotions to fitness packages & event tickets, spread happiness across your customers and gift them the love they deserve from their loved ones.

Any merchant whose website is powered by WordPress can use this plugin.

We have made the process of creating basic vouchers for events like birthdays, anniversaries, new years, Valentine’s Day, etc extremely simple. This plugin not only reduces manual efforts but also saves you a lot of time. All you need to do is select a template of your choice from available options, set your logo or event image and you are DONE! Could it be any more simple?

Plugin Gift Cards by CodeMenschen is very easy to set up!
* One-click creation of the Gift Card product.
* Easily customizable to suit your needs.
* checkout the video how it works.

Now, this plugin is also WooCommerce compatible. So customers can redeem the vouchers in your WooCommerce store also.


Read out the highlights and features to explore what’s more this plugin has in store for you.

  • ONE FOR ALL – Allows customers to buy gift cards/vouchers much like any other product. Several customizable options: choosing card designs, assigning card values, writing personal messages in addition to offering regular product characteristics.
  • BOOST YOUR BUSINESS – Connects your online store with your on-the-ground business making life easier for your customers with great customer service.
  • WooCommerce COMPATIBLE – This plugin supports the WooCommerce store. Customers can check their voucher balance from ‘My Account’ and redeem the voucher/package from the checkout page. Pro
  • GENERATE GIFT VOUCHERS – Admin can create gift vouchers from backend. Pro
  • SCHEDULE DELIVERY – Allow customers to schedule when a gift card will be delivered. Pro
  • BARCODE ON VOUCHERS – Show Barcode on vouchers and redeem at store easily. Pro
  • ADD COMMISSION – Can charge an additional amount on every voucher order of customers. Pro
  • EXPIRATION DATES – Automatically set an expiration date according to your choice (fixed date or in days) based on the purchase date.
  • BALANCE ADJUSTMENTS – Perform balance adjustments in the admin area. Pro
  • CHECK BALANCE PAGE – A shortcode to let customers check their gift card balances. Pro
  • SAFER REDEMPTION – Convenient and secured modes for purchasing & payments. Proven valid and authentic gift cards (with coupon codes)that deliver your product or service on a later date at a physical location.
  • TRACKING – Powerful reporting and tracking features enable you to track the purchased voucher codes. Once the gift card is purchased, its further use can be tracked by the administrator through the unique gift card codes.
  • EASY DESIGNING – Design templates for different themes as ‘Birthday’, ‘New Year’, ‘Valentine’s day’, ‘Independence day’ etc.
  • POSTAL DELIVERY – You can accept postal orders for your gift cards. If you want, you can turn on the ability for your customers to buy your own printed gift cards/certificates. So you can send gift cards via post basis directly to the recipient.

Voucher Booking Forms
This plugin provides two types of voucher booking forms. They are,
* Fixed Value Vouchers: Administrators can provide their customers with a certain set of fixed priced gift items.
* Custom Priced Vouchers: Price of the vouchers can be defined as per one’s requirement.

checkout the video how it works

Main Plugin Features

Front end:

  • Create and design templates with your own logo as per the occasions or fests.
  • Customers can pick from a variety of templates uploaded by the admin and can sort by events (Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentine’s day, Weddings, etc.)
  • Redeem gift cards from the WooCommerce Checkout page.
  • Customers can view coupon balance.
  • Admins can create fixed price gift items for different services and products for their customers.
  • Customers can preview their Gift Card on their booking page.
  • Purchased gift card/voucher is sent to the recipient’s email address.
  • Add messages to be printed on the PDF gift card/voucher.
  • Redeem gift cards/vouchers using unique auto-generated coupon codes.
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations available such as Stripe, PayPal, Sofort Pay, and Bank Transfer.
  • Invoice based payment solutions i.e. your customers can directly pay to your bank account after purchasing the voucher
  • Provides 3 varieties for voucher styles in PDF formats (See Demo)
  • Set voucher expiry as fixed dates or number of days
  • Remove Expiry date from vouchers
  • Hide Price from vouchers
  • Allow customers to schedule when a gift card will be delivered
  • Send customer receipt after successful order placement.


  • View all gift orders.
  • Track the status of all gift cards/vouchers such as usage or payment status.
  • Add edit/delete/view options to your voucher/card templates and gift items.
  • View details of each gift card such as full amount, credit left, associated gift-card order, orders on which it has been applied and the total spend it generated.
  • Create unlimited gift categories.
  • Generate Gift Vouchers from admin.
  • Export all orders from order page.
  • Admin can set options like sender name, email, company name along with company details on templates from plugin settings.
  • Admin can customize email templates both for itself and its customers.
  • Admin can also enable the postal delivery options for its customers.
  • Customers can view a list of their gift cards used so far, the order in which they have been used and the available credit left.

PREMIUM FEATURES of Gift cards Plugin

  • Printable barcode feature on vouchers.
  • Additional charges feature on each voucher order.
  • Custom value redemption feature from the backend.
  • Check the voucher balance page on the backend.
  • Stripe with SCA-ready & Ideal Payment Option, PayPal (Express checkout), MultiSafepay and Sofort Payment Gateway Integration and Bank Transfer.
  • Generate Invoice for each voucher order.
  • 1-year support with updates included (Get 35% off on renewal license)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (14 days refund if found unsatisfactory)

Premium Live Demos

Want to discover all plugin features? Try it out in just a single click.

For an easy and simple understanding of our plugin, click the links below for quick demos –

Gift Cards Demo
Copy this shortcode and paste it where you want the gift voucher form to appear; [wpgv_giftvoucher]

Gift Items/Packages Demo
Copy this shortcode and paste it where you want the gift item/package form appears; [wpgv_giftitems]
Copy this shortcode and paste it where you want to display single gift item/package; [wpgv_giftitems item_id=1]
Copy this shortcode and paste it where you want to display Category wise gift item/packages; [wpgv_giftitems item_cat_id=1]

By accessing our testing platform, you will be able to discover all plugin features and test them as per your preference in front-end mode.

For more information about the PREMIUM version of Gift Cards (Gift Vouchers and Packages) (WooCommerce Supported), visit the official page on

This plugin is already translated in Czech (Czech Republic), Danish, Deutsch, French, Hindi, Spanish and Swedish Languages

If you help us in translating this plugin in your language, It would be very helpful for us.
You can translate this plugin by clicking on the link here.


Please, read the official documentation of Gift Cards (Gift Cards and Packages) to learn more about all plugin features.


If you have suggestions about how to improve Gift Cards plugin, you can write to us.


  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  2. Upload the plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site.
  3. Activate ‘Gift Cards (Gift Vouchers and Packages) (WooCommerce Supported)’ from the Plugins page.

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