Frontend Comment Moderation

Frontend Comment Moderation | Marc Tönsing


Adds a link next to the reply link below each comment, which allows visitors to flag comments as inappropriate.
A sub page to comments in admin is added, where an administrator may review all the flagged comments and decide
if they should be removed or not.

Admins or logged-in users with comment moderation permissions are able trash or replace comments with
one click in the frontend. This action can not be undone. A “trash” link will appear bellow all comments.
Don’t worry: You can untrash them if until you reload. You are also able to replace the comment text with a custom
text which can be set in the settings.


  • Ability for visitors to report comments they find offensive.
  • Once a flagged comment has been deemed ok, it wont be able to be flagged again.
  • Flagging is done via ajax for smoother experience for the visitors.
  • Decide whether all visitors or only logged in users can report comments.
  • Trashing and Replacing with ajax in the frontend for faster moderation.
  • Fully localized. Comes with English and German translations.


  1. Install and activate MarcTV Moderate via the repository.
  2. Let users flag comments at the front end. Trash and replace them as admin in the frontend, too.
  3. Review flagged comments in wp-admin.

Plugin author

Marc Tönsing

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If you encounter problems in using the Frontend Comment Moderation plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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