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Fotorama | Artem Polikarpov | gallery,image,images,slider


Fotorama is a simple, stunning, powerful jQuery gallery.

  • All Browsers. From IE 7 to Safari on iOS. Including Android and Windows Phone.
  • Neat and transparent. Looks great by default, even better with your settings.
  • Compact in-page and epic fullscreen mode.
  • Touch gestures. Fine response to drag and swipe.
  • Seamless responsive.
  • Fast CSS3 transitions.
  • Save Bandwidth. Fotorama lazy loads only one image ahead.
  • Let Fotorama play photos automatically. The show will stop on touch.
  • Thumbnails, shuffle, keyboard navigations, loop, and more…

Licensed under the MIT.


  1. Install Fotorama either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. After activating Fotorama your galleries turn into fotoramas.
  3. Say Hi to Fotorama!

Installation screencast


Control a single fotorama using standard gallery shortcode:

Shortcode will take the following core attributes: idsorderbyorderidinclude, and exclude.

Disable fotorama and use standard gallery with fotorama="false":

Fotorama’s default settings are good, so there’s no need to mess with them. Still, you can fine-tune. Add any attributes that are listed in the original documentation, but without data- prefix.


Change navigation style from iPhone-style dots to thumbnails by adding nav="thumbs":


Allow fotorama to enter fullscreen using allowfullscreen:


There are 4 ways to fit an image into a fotorama: containcoverscaledown, and none. Choose one:


Define which transition to use — slide or crossfade — using transition:


Attribute hash="true" lets the page change its URL upon switching images. To send a link to a specific photo to a friend 🙂

Better be used with only one fotorama per page.


Loop the last and the first frame for seamless transition using loop="true":


Let Fotorama play photos automatically using autoplay="true". By default, a pause between images is 5 seconds. Set any interval in milliseconds, for example, 3 seconds:

The show stops on touch. Change this with stopautoplayontouch="false".


Shuffle frames by adding shuffle="true":


Turn on keyboard navigation with the arrows by adding keyboard="true":

Works only for the first fotorama on page.

Arrows, click, swipe

Control the way your users interact with the fotorama with three attributes arrowsclick, and swipe:

Navigation position

To move dots or thumbs on top, use navposition="top":

Hide navigation with nav="false".

Plugin author

Artem Polikarpov

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the Fotorama plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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