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Easy Registration Forms allows you to create powerful User Registration Forms in WordPress. You can create any number of forms with all the required fields. Easy Registration Forms allows you to create any type of form ranging from simple contact form to complex multi-step/multi-page registration forms in WordPress.
All the submissions can be viewed under submission manager area in WordPress admin dashboard.

Here’s is the list of features:

  • Super easy drag and drop form building interface.
  • Unlimited User Registration Forms.
  • Built in User Registration and Contact Form with predefined fields.
  • Multi-step/ Multi-page Form.
  • Reporting System – Reports allows you to relay information (Submissions) to interested parties in a periodic manner. You can create multiple reports to share different submitted information with people. For each report, System will generate a CSV file containing the submitted information (which is selected by you) and will send an email to all it’s recipients. In short Report allows you to share selected information from the submission to multiple people.
  • Built in Login Form Widget.
  • Membership Plans/Products for WordPress Membership (with offline payment method)
  • Custom user meta field integration.
  • Central Area to check all the submissions.
  • Support all fields : Text, Textarea, Select, Checkbox, Radio, Email, Phone, Number, Date, File etc.
  • Predefined validation logics.
  • Supports masking pattern. Can be useful in handling fix format input.
  • User Registration Notifications.
  • WordPress login with registration form (for front-end user).
  • User role based Form access.
  • Unique ID generation per user registration.
  • Supports both one column and two column Layout.
  • reCaptcha configuration.
  • Multiple forms on single page.
  • Limit Forms by date or number of submissions.
  • Responsive form design.
  • Allows to disable any JS on front end. Helpful in identifying jQuery conflicts.
  • Notification Templates with Mail Merge
  • Submission labeling.
  • Multiple Form Layout Options:
    1. Single column – No label
    2. Single column – label top
    3. Single column – Label inline
    4. Two column – No label
    5. Two column – Label top
    6. Two column – Label inline

1. Registration Form
2. One Column
3. Two Column
4. Multipage Form
5. Flat Design
6. Rounded Corners Design
7. Rounded Design
8. Border Bottom Design

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  1. Download the plugin
  2. Upload and Install it from WordPress plugin area.
  3. Click on Activate Plugin.
  4. Conditional field issues with Non input fields.

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