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The plugin adds a clever and convenient system to create various Polls with different features, such as:

  • Single and Multiple voting. Сustomizable.
  • Visitors can add new answers. Сustomizable.
  • Ability to set poll’s end date.
  • Unregistered users can’t vote. Сustomizable.
  • Different design of a poll.
  • And so on. See changelog.

Democracy Poll works with all cache plugins like: WP Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WordFence, Quick Cache etc.

I focus on easy-admin features and fast performance. So we have:

  • Quick Edit button for Admin, right above a poll
  • Plugin menu in toolbar
  • Inline css & js incuding
  • Css & js connection only where it’s needed
  • and so on. See changelog

More Info

Democracy Poll is a reborn of once-has-been-famous plugin with the same name. Even if it hasn’t been updated since far-far away 2006, it still has the great idea of adding users’ own answers. So here’s a completely new code. I have left only the idea and great name of the original DP by Andrew Sutherland.

What can it perform?

  • adding new polls;
  • works with cache plugins: wp total cache, wp super cache, etc…
  • users may add their own answers (Democracy), the option may be disabled if necessary;
  • multi-voting: users may multiple answers instead of a single one (may be disabled on demand);
  • closing the poll after the date specified beforehand;
  • showing a random poll when some are available;
  • closing polls for still unregistered users;
  • a comfortable editing of a selected poll: ‘Edit’ key for administrators;
  • votes amount editing;
  • a user can change his opinion when re-vote option is enabled;
  • remember users by their IP, cookies, WP profiles (for authorized users). The vote history may be cleaned up;
  • inserting new polls to any posts: the [demоcracy] (shortcode). A key in visual editor is available for this function;
  • a widget (may be disabled);
  • convenient polls editing: the plugin’s Panel is carried out to the WordPress toolbar; (may be disabled);
  • .css or .js files may be disabled or embedded to HTML code;
  • showing a note under the poll: a short text with any notes to the poll or anything around it;
  • changing the poll design (css themes);

Multisite: support from version 5.2.4

Requires PHP 5.3 or later.


  • ADD: Возомжность добавлять свои темы (ссылку на css файл с темой)?
  • ADD: Сделать опрос активным в указанную дату?
  • ADD: возможность показывать пользователю текст после того, как он проголосует (типа “ваш голос очено важен для нас” и т.п.)
  • ADD: лимит голосования, чтобы участники обязательно должны были выбрать, например, 3 пункта, чтобы проголосовать.
  • ADD: возможность подключать стили как файл!
  • ADD: Для каждого опроса своя высота разворачивания. Хотел сегодня прикрутить голосование помимо сайдбара ещё и в саму статью (там высота нужна была больше), не получилось. Она к сожалению фиксирована для всех опросов.
  • ADD: option to set sort order for answers on results screen
  • ADD: The ability to have a list of all active polls on one front end page would be nice.
  • ADD: quick edit –
  • ADD: paging on archive page
  • ADD: sorting on archive page
  • ADD: cron: shadule polls opening & activation
  • ADD: show link to post at the bottom of poll, if it attached to one post (has one in_posts ID)
  • ADD: Collect cookies demPoll_N in one option array
  • ADD: administrator can modify votes… put an option on poll creation to allow/disallow admin control over votes?
  • ADD: Group polls
  • ADD: Речь идёт о премодерации, чтобы пользователь предложил свой вариант, а публичным данный вариант станет после одобрения администратором.
  • ADD: Фичареквест: добавить возможность “прикреплять” опрос к конкретному посту/странице вставкой шорткода не в тексте, а сделать метабокс (причем с нормальным выбором опроса из списка). Это позволит добавлять опрос в любое место на странице (согласно дизайну) и только для тех постов/страниц, где подключен опрос.


Usage (Widget)

  1. Go to WP-Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets and find Democracy Poll Widget.
  2. Add this widget to one of existing sidebar.
  3. Set Up added widget and press Save.
  4. Done!

Usage (Without Widget)

  1. Open sidebar.php file of your theme: wp-content/themes/<YOUR THEME NAME>/sidebar.php
  2. Add such code in the place you want Poll is appeared:

  3. Polls

  • To show specific poll, use <?php democracy_poll( 3 ); ?> where 3 is your poll id.
  • To embed a specific poll in your post, use [democracy id="2"] where 2 is your poll id.
  • To embed a random poll in your post, use [democracy]

Display Archive

For display polls archive, use the function:

<?php democracy_archives( $hide_active, $before_title, $after_title ); ?>
Maybe because the installation process is relatively simple, the official website does not write a detailed installation process for the time being. If you encounter problems installing this plugin, you can solve it through search engines or comment below, I will try to help you solve it

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If you encounter problems in using the Democracy Poll plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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