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Dable: Free recommendation service plus advertising earnings!

  1. Personalized Recommendation?
    Personalization means to offer a customized recommendation by analyzing visitors’ behavior. To improve user satisfaction on your site, you need a personalized service. With powerful recommendation and targeting technology, Dable will help your site increase quality traffic, change the traffic to faithful users, and maximize the revenue. Upgrade the entire user journey with Dable.

  2. Native Advertising?
    Native AD was created to give similar look to the main contents on the website so that it can attract more attention to users without any objection. Expose targeted native ads based on your visitors’ latest interests in the form of recommendation articles.



Powerful recommendation service

  • Dable supports a variety of algorithm for a recommendation: personalized contents, related contents, real-time popular contents, popular content by gender, popular content by age, articles with high readability, etc.
  • Based on your site’s planning purpose, you can recommend articles with the right algorithms.
  • With contents recommendation based on your visitors’ latest interests, you can increase visitors’ residence time and pageviews per visitor.
  • Through recommendation service, you can provide user-friendly service

Native advertising

  • Native ads target users’ interests to help site’s monetization.
  • Native ads are exposed in the form of recommendation articles which cause less discomfort to your site visitors.

Other functions

  • Simple but useful SEO: With this plugin, you can automatically insert Open Graph tag in your site. It will help site SEO.
  • A/B test platform: Feel free to change UI for higher per-page views and ad revenue. Dave has a complete A / B testing platform.
  • Dable’s widget is fully customizable through widget setting in Dashboard. To improve the performance of recommendation and advertising, please change the widget design freely.

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