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It clears whole Sucuri cache for desired domain with one click.
Clear is done from WordPress admin panel or plugin’s page. Current version contains functionality which purges individual files by URL and clears Sucuri cache after Save Post action.


  • To make this plugin work you have to get Sucuri account first. Obviously 🙂


  1. Log into your WordPress Administrator panel (i.e., Click on the Plugins menu option, and select Add New.
  2. Type Clear Sucuri Cache into the search input box. You are looking for the plugin that reads: Clear Sucuri Cache by WebRangers. Click Install Now.
  3. The next page, if successful, will ask you if you want to proceed. Click the Activate plugin option.
  4. Go to Dashboard->Clear Sucuri Cache (or directly to this URL: “”) and enter following fields:
    • Sucuri Key
    • Sucuri Secret
      You can find them in
  5. Press “Save Changes” button
  6. Be happy! 🙂

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If you encounter problems in using the Clear Sucuri Cache plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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