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This plugin creates a search box that Affiliate Partners can implement into their site using their affiliate ID.

If you’re not an Affiliate Partner yet, you can still implement the plugin. To get the most out of the plugin and earn commission, you’ll need to sign up for the Affiliate Partner Programme.

To implement the search box, simply drag and drop the plugin to the sidebar Widget area to publish it – then you’re done!

Once installed, you can choose a pre-filled destination for the search box. This destination is linked to a destination ID, avoiding potential issues for multiple cities with the same name. You can also change the pre-filled destination for each page or post where the search box is displaying, thanks to the meta box feature showing at the end of the editing area.

You can even customize the colour, text, and size of the search box to fit your website design. Check the Features for more details.


  • Easy to use: No code or Javascript knowledge needed! We create a standard search box ready to be implemented in your site
  • Responsive design: The search box automatically adapts to your website’s sidebar width
  • Search box flexibility: Can have pre-filled destination in the search box with the option to have different pre-filled destinations on different pages and posts.
  • Try it before you publish: You can preview the plugin in your settings before it goes on your website
  • Multi-lingual search box and dashboard settings: Now available in over 40 languages and dialects.
  • Performances: Css and Javascript loaded only when needed
  • Support: You can always contact your Strategic Partnership Technical Team for technical support
  • Earn more: Join our Affiliate Partner Programme

Possible customisation

  • Add your aid ( Ex. 382821 ): pay attantion affiliate ID is different from partner ID which normally starts with a ‘4’.
  • Adjust the width of the search box
  • Pre-fill the search field with a destination name to show filtered search results
  • Switch the calendar on and off
  • Add a flexible-dates feature
  • Change the month format
  • Preset check-in and check-out dates
  • Customize the logo: Available in white or blue and three sizes (150×25, 200×33, 300×50)
  • Change the logo position: Center, left, right
  • Pre-set specific destination: To further filter search results you can determine the destination page type, such as city or landmark, as well as a specific destination ID
  • Choose specific destination for posts and pages
  • Change main colors: Background, text, button background, button border, button text
  • Choose infinite colours from the colours picker


First installation

  1. Download the zip file from this page
  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  3. Go to Plugins >> Add New, under Install Plugins title click on Upload and use the browse button to search the .zip file you have downloaded at point 1.
  4. Once activated you can start using the searchbox in the Appearance >> Widget section
  5. Use the settings page to customise the searchbox if needed.

Subsequent upgrades

  1. Just upgrade using the plug-in panel

Plugin author

Strategic Partnerships Department at

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If you encounter problems in using the Official Search Box plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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