BMo Expo – a  WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin | Benedikt Morschheuser | bmo-design

BMo Expo – a WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin | Benedikt Morschheuser | bmo-design,nextgen,scroll-gallery,scrollgallery


BMo Expo is one of the best gallery and exhibition plugins for wordpress. It allows you to replace default wordpress galleries and NextGen galleries with impressive gallery designs. The plugin is easy to use and configure. Slideshow, vertical scroll, Lightbox and more could be used. Perfect for photographers, artists or exhibitor. Try it out or watch the demo video.

The plugin is an evolution of the successful NextGEN Scroll Gallery plugins.

You can use it as stand alone gallery viewer for your default wordpress galleries or as extension the very cool WordPress gallery manager NextGen Gallery.

After the installation, you will find an admin interface, with which you can adjust the plugin settings.
This gallery do not use flash, so no extra browser plugin is required and search engines can crawl your content easily.
If you have some questions or you need instructions look at BMo-Design – BMo Exhibition. There you will find instructions and discussions, which can help you.
If you want a special adaptation to the needs of your page, you can commission me at BMo-Design.

Tested with Safari 6, FF 24, IE 9.


  1. download, upload & activate this plugin

Use the Plugin with the default WP Gallery

The plugin will automatically replace the default wordpress gallery shortcode

. You can change the visualization by changing the global options at the options page.

The options can be overridden in the post/page tag. For example:

That’s it … Have fun!

Use the Plugin together with the NextGen Gallery

It’s very easy to enter a new BMo Expo Gallery into your post or page.

Just click the “BMoExpo” editor button and select one of your NextGen Galleries.

That’s it … Have fun!

Plugin author

Benedikt Morschheuser

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the BMo Expo – a WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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