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Blizhost CloudCache Purge sends a request to the Blizhost servers clear the cache every time the content of your site is modified. This occurs when publishing, editing, commenting or deleting a page or post, and when changing themes.

Our plugin will also make your WordPress site completely compatible with CloudCache!

This plugin is exclusive to Blizhost customers, and will have no results if used outside of our hosting.

What is CloudCache?

CloudCache is an HTTP accelerator designed for high traffic websites. Your website is delivered directly from the RAM of the server, making loading 300x more faster and dramatically increasing access capacity to the site.

In contrast to other web accelerators, such as Squid, which began life as a client-side cache, or Apache and nginx, which are primarily origin servers, CloudCache was designed as an HTTP accelerator. CloudCache is focused exclusively on HTTP, unlike other proxy servers that often support FTP, SMTP and other network protocols.

Technologies like CloudCache are used by high-profile, high-traffic websites including Wikipedia, online newspaper sites such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The Hindu, Corriere della Sera, social media and content sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Tumblr. Among the Top 10 thousand sites in the web, around a tenth use this technology.

Plugin details

Our plugin in addition to making your site compatible with our system will clean your site cache automatically whenever you publish/update a post or page.

Not all pages are purged every time. When a post, page, or custom post type is edited, or a new comment is added, only the following pages will be purged:

  • The front page
  • The post/page edited
  • Any categories or tags associated with the page
  • The pagination pages

In addition, your entire cache will be purged on the following actions:

  • Changing permalinks
  • Changing themes
  • Press the ‘Purge CloudCache’ button on the dashboard
  • Press the ‘Blizhost CloudCache > Purge Entire Cache’ button on the toolbar

Please note: On a multisite network using subfolders, only the network admins can purge the main site.


No WordPress configuration needed.


  • Pretty Permalinks enabled
  • CloudCache enabled on your Blizhost account


  • English
  • Portuguese-BR

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If you encounter problems in using the Blizhost CloudCache Purge plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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