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Beacon Web Analytics Integration for WordPress | BeaconSoft Limited


Beacon is an online analytics platform designed to help digital marketers better measure and manage their marketing campaigns. Beacon lets you report website traffic, visitor journeys and attribute website events and conversions to individual links across any digital platform.
Install the Beacon Analytics plugin on your WordPress site to boost your website traffic intelligence and gain amazing insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Start monitoring and measuring your WordPress website traffic and gain deeper analytical insights with Beacon.

  • A unified dashboard to centralise, manage and measure all your digital marketing campaign channels in one place using tracked links
  • Generate tracked short links to measure and analyse website traffic
  • Organise your links into campaigns and channels to create structure
  • See how engaged your website visitors are by campaign, by channel, by link
  • See which channels and campaigns are providing the greatest ROI

Why measure your website traffic with Beacon?

Drive traffic to your WordPress site via tracked links, and measure your marketing and manage your campaigns with Beacon.

  • Drive complete transparency into your digital marketing – it’s your data
  • Get deeper analytics, independent from any social and ad platform
  • Beacon complements your current processes and works with your existing tools
  • Save time on reporting and jumping between platforms

Expert support

We have a team of friendly experts ready to help you, you can contact us directly and or you can find all the answers you need in our handy resources section.

See Beacon for yourself

Transform your digital marketing campaigns with actionable information using Beacon. Book a demo now.


Upload the Beacon Web Analytics Integration for WordPress plugin to your blog, Activate it.

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