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this plugin help you for auto set first image as featured image, also it have more than +20 effect and actions for your website. plugin is 100% auto and maked with wordpress standard code.
just enable your want effect from plugin control panel and its done.

capabilities of this plugin

auto work
plugin is auto working, no need to nothing manual work, just set your want settings and it’s done.

high quality control panel and easy work
plugin have control panel for working, this control panel is easy to work, also it have guide for help you more.

more than +20 effect and action
plugin have more than +20 effect for your website, you can see more capabilities of this plugin below, also all settings is free.

lightweight and compact
plugin is very simple for work and it free & fast and uses the standard WordPress codes to do it, so it should work with all themes and wordpress version.

compatibility with PHP 7
PHP 7 is the latest stable release. this plugin is 100% compatibility with PHP 7.

what is new? (version 14.9.1)

  • [NEW] added custom blockquote style
  • [NEW] clean viewer now support shortcode for display post viewe by [is_DanteFunction_IsName_getPostViews]
  • [NEW] ( darkmode/darkmode login ) can be disabled
  • [IMPROVEMENT] some php coding style
  • [IMPROVEMENT] page loader in darkmode
  • [BUG] fixed some bugs in plugin Dashboard


1 : remove your browser cache if you can not see the settings well.
2 : before install plugin, read this note.

The capabilities of this plugin at a glance

ok, lets to look some plugin effects:

  • add login logo
  • add favicon logo
  • add mobile address bar color
  • auto refresh page after n second
  • auto redirect 404 page to home after n second
  • auto redirect 404 page to defined url
  • auto set first image as featured
  • auto hide first image on all post content
  • auto show featured image on admin bar
  • disable rss/feed
  • auto add first image featured to rss/feed
  • auto save external media to host and swap saved url on post content
  • disable right click
  • auto remove extra space/line between post content
  • add input on before/after post content
  • remove unused tags system
  • nofollow links for external links
  • custom css and javascript
  • gutenberg settings
  • AND MORE . . . .

top featured can enable/disable by checkbox or set/unset data on text fields.


This plugin made by BehroozDante for FREE and non-commercial purposes.


how install plugin?
1. Upload plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
3. it’s done, you should to activate your want settings from this plugin submenu click here to see where are placed this panel.

Plugin author


Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the auto set first image as featured – ToolBox plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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