Auto Set Admin Colour on Staging and Dev

Auto Set Admin Colour on Staging and Dev | Fullworks


Lightweight plugin to help developers know they are on their staging site.

If your domain appears to be a staging or dev domain the admin colours change to a bright colour and you get a nag notice to remind you.

This plugin comes with two custom admin colours, Neon Pink ( you will ned sunglasses ) and Material, if the custom colours are are selected they also shown on the customizer and the adminbar on front end view.

You can also select a standard admin colour which will override the user colours on staging or development.

The plugin comes pre-loaded with patterns for development and staging domain name matching. You can changes these as required in the plugin’s settings page.

Search engine visibility can also be controlled automatically to stop your staging sites getting indexed by Google.


Install as a normal wordpress plugin

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If you encounter problems in using the Auto Set Admin Colour on Staging and Dev plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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