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Arlo for WordPress helps you build great looking websites for promoting your courses. Offer website visitors an interactive and engaging experience with the ability to fully customise the look and feel. The plugin also comes with pre-built page themes providing flexibility for designers, and plug-and-play themes for the less savvy. Read more about creating beautiful looking training websites using Arlo for WordPress.

Pre-built plugin themes:

Training Management Solution

Arlo is a cloud based training management software designed to promote, sell and deliver your courses and events. Arlo will automate your manual processes and routine tasks by providing simple scheduling, online registration, automatic communication, custom reporting, payments & invoicing. Client records are kept updated within Arlo’s robust CRM.

Course templates make recurring training easy to schedule. Automated communication mean registrants receive accurate and timely registration confirmation and reminders. Understanding your registrants is made easy through customisable application processes and registration forms.

Arlo’s website integration promotes courses on your website keeping information up to date in real time with a seamless user experience. Arlo’s lead and campaign management tools allow promotion of courses by targeting specific market segments and monitoring demand. Delivering face to face, live online, private or public courses is all possible with Arlo. Manage certification, CPD points and use surveys to receive feedback and improve delivery. Arlo can be integrated with your other business applications managing the flow of data through your organisation.

Learning Management Solution (LMS)

Arlo’s seamless integration with Moodle LMS provides a complete learning management solution for promoting, selling and delivering your face to face, online, self-paced and blended learning. This integration combines the power of Moodle LMS with a complete training management solution including online registrations, payments , invoicing, and a robust CRM.

Arlo’s learning management solution allows you to include quizzes, SCORM objects, forums, videos, and other online activities within your training. Get live visibility and reporting on all your registrants in one place with Arlo, this includes last accessed dates, learning progress, payment status, grades, results and contact information.

Key Features

  • Online registration – Accept online registrations and payments. Create simple forms for free events, complex forms for conferences, and everything between. Issue invoices, manage transfers, cancellations, and refunds.
  • Course Management – Manage all information and resources through Arlo: one place, online, and accessible wherever you are. Track tasks, record notes, send emails, print name labels, manage waiting lists, and more.
  • Website Integration – Use Arlo’s flexible website integration options to set your web designers free. Create beautiful looking training and event websites in WordPress.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) – Offer live online learning, self-paced online learning, and blended learning using Arlo’s Learning Management System integration. Integrate Moodle and other LMS systems.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Manage information about clients and registrants in one place. See course and event attendance history, view and send communication, track leads, manage key contacts, record notes, and assign tasks. If you already run a CRM like Salesforce, no problem, seamlessly integrate it with Arlo.
  • Marketing tools – Run targeted campaigns to promote your training and events. Track conversions in Google and Bing from website registrations, and integrate your marketing automation tool to generate new leads. Leverage social media to share your courses and events.


  • WordPress minimum version – Minimum required version of WordPress is 4.7 but WordPress should be kept up to date with the latest version.
  • PHP Version – Minimum PHP version must be 5.5 but PHP 7 onwards should be preferred.
  • Shared Server Hosting – Slow shared server hosting can cause issues with the data import. If you have shared server hosting please ensure you set up a Cron Job.
  • Cache plugins – Caching plugins can interfere with the Arlo WordPress plugin. Once changes have been made to the Arlo plugin, ensure you clear or reset your caching plugins if you have them.
  • IP Blocker plugins – Plugins blocking some IP can interfere with the sync system. Please allow Arlo prod servers IPs.
  • Google Maps API key is required for the maps on the venue profile pages (You need to enable the Google Static Maps API for the project).
  • Arlo platform (Sign-up for a free Arlo trial)

Support & Documentation

Arlo WordPress integration – built for web developers!

Create beautiful and interactive training websites using the Arlo for WordPress plugin. Access an extensive library of WordPress Shortcodes, Templates, and Widgets, all designed specifically for web developer to make integration easy.

Arlo for WordPress providers you with the building blocks to create great looking sites.

Automatically creates pages and site structure

  • Event, event list, catalogue, schedule, venue, and presenter pages are automatically created as part of the install.
  • When an event is added in Arlo, a new post (page) is automatically created on WordPress for the event. And when a new presenter or venue is added, a new post (page) is also created.

Shortcodes – Access a range of shortcodes to display data in your WordPress site. You can also add additional attributes to do nifty things with very little effort.

Templates – The plugin comes preloaded with the following templates which can all be edited.

Widgets – The following widgets can be added to any page in your site.

Get started today!

Sign-up for a free Arlo trial and then install the “Arlo training and event management system” plugin now!


The Arlo – Training and Event Management, and online registration plugin is only available in English, but we will translate it to many different languages soon.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Arlo event’
  3. Activate Arlo from your Plugins page.


  1. Download the Arlo WordPress plugin.
  2. Upload the ‘arlo-training-and-event-management-system’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate Arlo from your Plugins page.

Once Activated

  1. Go to your pages, Arlo will create several pages for you (Events, Upcoming Events, Event search, Schedule, Online Activities, Venues, Presenters). They will be automatically published so you can benefit from all the plugin’s features.
  2. Visit ‘Settings > Arlo’ and add your Arlo platform name (for testing purpose you can use the ‘demo-au’ as a platform name)
  3. In ‘Settings > Arlo’, setup your post type pages (the previously created ones) and
  4. In ‘Settings > Arlo’, save the settings
  5. In ‘Settings > Arlo’, re-import your data form Arlo to your WordPress with the ‘Re-import all data now’ link

Once Configured

  • The Arlo plugin comes with a lot of different shortcodes, and you can customize your plugin with the shortcodes. For more information about the shortcodes please visit the Arlo developer site

Developers Guide

For more information about the shortcodes please visit the Arlo developer site

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