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The Amazon Book Store widget gives you a simple way to sell Amazon products in the sidebar of your blog, magazine, or other WordPress-powered website. The widget can be included multiple times, with different products being displayed in each instance.

You can sell specific products on specific pages of your website, or define a ‘pool’ of products from which the widget will randomly chose. This allows you to quickly build up an Amazon store of products that are related to your individual POSTs.


Install the Widget

Install the plugin, then activate it. Once activated, configure the Widget:

  • First, drag the ‘Amazon Book Store’ widget to your sidebar.
  • Where prompted, set the “Title” you want displayed above the widget
  • Select how many product images you want displayed in the widget, 1 or 2.

Configure the ASIN pool

Navigate to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Amazon Book Store’. Input your Amazon Affiliate ID and country, the add the ASINs for the products you want to be displayed in the widget. See How to Find Amazon ASINs for more information. There are two categorizations of settings:

  • POST Specific: If set, these products will be displayed when users are reading the designated POST.
  • Default: If the request is to a POST that does not have specific ASINs defined, then the widget will display products from this group.

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