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Age Verification for WordPress

Add a pop-up window to your website and verify the age of the visitor before allowing them to view your content.

Customize a variety of features in the age verification box.

  • Minimum age
  • Background image
  • Logo image
  • Title text
  • Message text
  • Yes/No button text

You can customize your age verification pop up by going to Appearance -> Customize -> Age Verification in your WordPress dashboard.

There is also a cookie that gets saved for 30 days when the user selects the “Yes” button.

Age Verification Pro

Customize your age verification pop up even more by using our Age Verification Pro plugin.

Pro features

  • Set the amount of days to save cookies
  • Turn on debug to test popup changes without saving cookies
  • Customize the Success & Failure messages (title & text)

Pro color customizations

  • Page background color
  • Popup background color
  • Title text color
  • Message text color
  • “No” button colors
  • “Yes” button colors


  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New and search for Age Verification.
  2. Install & Activate the Age Verification plugin.
  3. Customize the settings by going to Appearance -> Customize -> Age Verification.

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