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Affiliate Window Banners uses the V3 api to pull in products from the Affiliate Window marketplace. The products are then displayed in the sidebar widgets.
Obviously you need to have an affiliate account with Affiliate window for this to work. Once you have an account then you can go to the api credentials in your account settings to sign up for a V3 api password.

There are some server pre-requisites: WordPress 3.0, php 5.3, SOAP. – Note the requirement for SOAP on your server.

Demo can be seen at my experimental development sites:

This version of Affiliate Window Banners only have the sidebar option. A more powerful version which allows for shortcodes can be found at


Manual install: Unzip the file into your WordPress plugin-directory. Activate the plugin in wp-admin.

Install through WordPress admin: Go to Plugins > Add New. Search for “Affiliate Window Banners”. Locate the plugin in the search results. Click “Install now”. Click “Activate”.

Go to the settings page and add your Affiliate windows id number and the V3 password. In your Affiliate Window api credentials page you will see a number of option – you want the V3 password only.

You can then set the default site wide keywords that will be used if you do not set one for each post or page. This plugin will only work with wordpress pages and posts. It is not yet custom post enabled.

You can also set the number of products to display in your side bar and also the nmber of characters to display as the description. Obviously the description can only display if there is enough characters available in the api feed.

When you add new posts or pages or edit existing ones you will see a new meta-box in the edit page to allow you to set keywords for individual pages and posts. This will over-write the default keyword option for that page.

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Kevin Heath

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If you encounter problems in using the Affiliate Window Banners plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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