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With the Advanced Woo Labels plugin you can easily create labels/badges for any of your WooCommerce products. Use label conditions to show labels only for specific product, page or user. Customize labels styles with build-in options.
Attract users attention by displaying inside labels information like discount value, product quantity, product rating, shipping class, stock status, sale status,  etc.

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Main Features

  • Create unlimited number of label for each WooCommerce product.
  • Display label in two positions: on product image or before title. Align label at any side of this position.
  • Use labels with custom text. Write any text inside product labels. Also use special text variables to show important product information like Price, Sale price, Discount percentage, Discount amount, SKU, Quantity.
  • Choose from 5 different text label shapes. Set unique style for each of them with help of custom styling options.
  • Label groups. Show several labels for one product. Set maximal number of such labels, their alignment, priority, distance betweem them.
  • Label conditions. Show labels based on specific product, page or user conditions. Combine conditions to ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ groups to create more comples label rules.
  • Create unlimited label variations with advanced styling option: change label color, font color, font size, opacity, paddings and margins, set any other custom css individually for each label.
  • Cool admin panel with labels live preview.
  • Special option to change hooks that used to display product labeles if your theme has some problem with showing them or if you want to change labels position.

Premium Features

Additional features available only in PRO plugin version.

  • Image labels. Use one of predefined images as label or upload your custom one.
  • More product conditions: show labels based on product type, age, sale date, sales number, taxonomy, attributes, custom fields, etc.
  • More user conditions: show labels only for users from certain countries, with specific devices, language, based on products in the cart or spicific shop stats ( example: average products costs inside cart ).
  • Page conditions: show labels only on specific page templates, page types or archive pages.
  • Date conditions: show labels only on certains dates, time or day od week.
  • More text variables: attributes, taxonomies, custom fields, sales number, reviews number, rating.
  • Labels styling: borders, shadows, additional shapes.

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Home Page
Features List


  1. Upload advanced-woo-labels to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Adv. Woo Label -> Add New page and create your first label

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If you encounter problems in using the Advanced Woo Labels plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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