Advance Broken Link Checker | URL Shortener Clicks And Conversion Report [Link Manager ]

Advance Broken Link Checker | URL Shortener Clicks And Conversion Report [Link Manager ] |


Internal and external broken backlinks can hurt your website’s SEO performance. So it is very important to find internal and external broken backlinks for your website and also need to fix it. This awesome link checker tool allows wordpress users to find broken links on website and also any one can fix all broken links easily. You can also set the timer for broken link notifications when any page lost or deleted this plugin will detect the link as broken and you will get email notifications for your affiliate links and also for broken links! [Free]

Nofollow Dofollow Open In New Window And Auto Internal Linking

Webmaster can take bulk action for all links to set as nofollow and dofollow also can set open in new window features for each link in the website. On the other hand you can set auto internal linking with great accuracy which will boost your SEO ranking. [Free]

URL Shortener

This plugin comes with sophisticated URL shortener feature you can easily create short url for any generic affiliate URL or any other long url with a good look Short URL. You can use this feature for link clocking too. Not only that you can count links clicks for each short link and also unique clicks on short URL. [Free]
Note: The URL shortner of this plugin is advanced url shortener which counts clicks unique click and squeeze page conversion rate and also counts woocommerce conversion rate. you also can understand the user country name and browser. this feature is most usefull for affiliate marketing or google adwords keyword testing. [This is pro feature ]

URL Redirection

With this plugin you can use URL redirection 301 or 302 redirection both. Not only that you also can count the number of hits for your each redirect URLs. [Free]
Note: You also can get user redirection analytics, hits unique hits country name and browser [This is pro feature]

Geo Redirection

Sometimes geo redirection is important for traffic filtration for any business and website! You can set geo redirection for any specific page or for whole website for any specific country or list of country with this plugin. [Free]
Note: Click analytics [This is pro feature]

Security Feature

  • Limit Login: For security reason you can limit your login attempt so when any user try more that your limit, the IP will be blocked for certain time [You can set the timer also]. You also can set custom email to check which IP is trying to login.
  • IP Whilelist: You can select some IPs as while list so rest of the IP will be blacklisted. And website will be more secured.
  • Change Login URL: For security reason you can change the login URL of your website url too. Such as to


  • Google Analytics Code: You don’t need any custom coding in your website, just by copy pasting you can add your google analytics code with this plugin.
  • Any Other Javascript Code: You also can add any other javascript code with the help of this plugin.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

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